Sneak preview – Canvas Page Customizer [video]

Sneak preview - Canvas Page Customizer [video] 2

We’ve received lots of feedback that you would like greater control over your Canvas pages. So very soon we’ll be releasing the Page Customizer extension for WooThemes Canvas. Below are a couple of videos that walk you through some of the major features.

Note: we’re also adding some cool mobile features that have been developed since I shot the video.

Page Customizer also works beautifully with our Page Builder extension. The combination of Page Customizer and Page Builder is incredibly powerful 🙂

Page Customizer key features

1) Change background image per page
2) Change background colour per page
3) Hide Page elements  (e.g Navigation, Page Title, Footer widgets)
4) Change Header image per page
5) Change Background image for mobile devices
6) Full width option

Video 1 – Page Customizer global settings

Video 2 – Page Customizer ‘per page’ settings

Video 3 – Page Customizer mobile options

19 thoughts on “Sneak preview – Canvas Page Customizer [video]”

  1. Hello Jamie,

    I am loving all the recent updates at PootlePress. I have been secretely following and reading every blogpost of yours for last few weeks.

    Keep going and adding more stuff, please.Things are getting easier for non-tech people like me.

    I have a question:
    Will this Page Customiser be a part of Canvas page Builder? or all together a separate plugin?
    And at what price you will be launching it?

    Also I still don’t understand what does “Full-width Container” mean?


  2. Hi Jamie

    Another great extension to canvas – I use the page element hider a lot but it seems like this new one will make that one redundant!


  3. Hello! Great news from you! =)
    So should I deactivate page elements hider when using this one?
    Also if there a possibility to hide navigation button in mobile version when I hide navigation in full version of my page? Would be great for landing pages! =)

    Thank you! And inspiration to you! =) You make sita building easier! =))

    1. Jamie Marsland

      Hi Konstantin,

      Thanks for your ongoing support and kind words 🙂

      Yes you should deactivate page element hider when using Page Customizer,

      Love your idea about mobile navigation – this is something we’ll definitely add in future versions 🙂


  4. So do I understand it correctly that I don’t need these plugins anymore when I use this new plugin?:
    – Replace Header Image per Page
    – Page Element Hider

    BTW, is there a way to get notifications for new replies once I replied to a post?

  5. Jamie Marsland

    Hi Wouter,

    Yep that’s correct, we’re looking to simplify and consolidate some of our plugins where is makes sense 🙂

    Good point about notifications to replies – we’ll get that added,


  6. Hi Jamie,

    This will definitely be a great addition to my Pootlepress Canvas Extension repertoire! Will you be offering a discount for those of us who have already purchased the “Replace Header Image” and “Page Element Hider” plugins?

    Or maybe a suggestion, offer a $79/yr ( or whatever price you feel is fair) subscription service for any extensions you develop.

    Looking forward to this one! Just bought the Page Builder and it is awesome!

  7. Jamie Marsland

    Hi Shane,

    Yes we’ll look to do something for existing page element hider and replace header image customers 🙂

    Yep we’ve considered starting a ‘Canvas Club’ for an annual price that would give access to all the extensions and our Canvas tutorials – but we’re very very busy developing plugins at the moment and we want to make sure we get it right if we did offer this 🙂

    Thanks for all your support,


  8. Hey there. Is it possible to customize the CSS class of different instances of the post loop widget? It’d love to be able to adjust the headline sizes.

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