Full width rows with customizable backgrounds for Canvas Page Builder [sneak preview]

Rows. It’s all about the rows.

As soon as we launched Canvas Page Builder, many of you told us that you’d love to be able to add background colours and background images to rows and have them go full width so you can create stunning long scolling full width sites with sections.

We agreed (& to be honest didn’t need convincing as that’s what we wanted too!) So this is what we’re currently working on. Row styling will be an update to Canvas Page Builder and we’ve also started development on a Canvas Extension we are calling Page Customizer, which among other things will allow you to have full width containers either globally or per page.

The videos below take you through a sneak preview of how you are going to be able to do all this…

Canvas Page Builder is available from the PootlePress store now for $49

1. Setting up your Canvas Extensions

2. Row styling using Page Builder

3. Content on top of row backgrounds

4. Finishing off the header with Sticky Header 2 (the new version of Sticky Header)


26 responses to “Full width rows with customizable backgrounds for Canvas Page Builder [sneak preview]”

  1. Konstantin Avatar

    Great! So whe will it be available?

    1. Hi Konstantin, we haven’t set a date yet but very soon!

      1. Konstantin Avatar

        waiting for it with pleasure! =))))

  2. Really excited about this, my mind is abuzz with ideas of how I can use it!

    I have found your canvas page builder simple & intuitive to use, and am excited about the features you are adding.

    A great theme is extended greatly by your plugins, so thank you!

  3. Absolutely wonderful. Well done and thankyou.

    With the site wide customizer, will there be an option to pull in shortcode from other areas eg sliders?

    Looking forward to the release.

    1. Hi Simon,

      The full width container option will just set the container of your site to full-width in Canvas. Everything else will then work the same. So yes, you can then use Canvas Page Builder with shortcodes and widgets as normal…

      Hope this answers your question?


  4. Hey Simon,

    You guys rock! Your page builder is amazing. 🙂

    Do you think that in the future you might be adding a parallax back ground option for the page builder to go along with the full width option? I am currently using visual composer to achieve this effect, but would like to make the switch to your builder.

    This is an option that a lot of my clients inquire about, and would like it to be possible with a pootle press extension.

    Great work!


    1. Hey Trey 🙂 I’m not joking when I tell you that we’ve already developed it! We developed it as a widget for a Canvas project a while back, to work with widgetized pages and the Canvas widgetized homepage. It’s not going to take us long to get it into shape for Page Builder. Watch this space and thanks for your input! Nick

      1. Like I said….You Rock! I will check back. Thanks. 😉

  5. Hey Nick, this looks fantastic. But would using this and the parent page builder plugin cause the sort of showstopper conflicts that currently exist when using something like the plugins that add admin panels to the default canvas control panel?

    1. Hey Drew! Don’t think so as it’s all going to be part of the same plugin… It’s such a needed part of the core idea of the Page Builder…

      1. Terrific! So I take it that the sticker header 2 plugin isn’t a requirement to the overall package (if I recall, that one did generate the conflict).

        Last questions,will this work on the default canvas business page so that the full width slider can be used in combination with the page builder elements?

        1. Sorry Drew! I mis-understood your question. They will both cause the problem you are talking about : ( We still haven’t found a way around the woo_add_options problem. I think you are pretty unique in the way that causes you problems because of what you’re doing with Canvas, but it doesn’t stop me wanting to solve it just so I can say I did it!! ; )

          1. Many thanks for the clarification and yes, if there’s a fix for this I will be all over them! hope it issoonerthan later

  6. Paul Cobb Avatar
    Paul Cobb

    So – I’m on tenterhooks waiting!
    Do I have long to wait?

    1. Not long Paul – next week hopefully…

  7. keith whalen Avatar
    keith whalen

    When is its coming???

    Page Builder has made things so easy over at the South Shields Velo Cycling Club (http://southshieldsvelocc.co.uk/)

    1. Hey Keith – next week hopefully…

  8. Monique S Avatar
    Monique S

    So bummed! I watched this and purchased everything, thinking I could build my site this weekend. Really wanted to be able to use that snazzy brown 🙂

    My question is as follows:

    Can I have a full size row with a side bar below it? Currently trying to have both pushes the row over.


    1. Hi Monique, I understand what you mean. I would create the layout you want in Canvas Page Builder. So you would have a full width row and then underneath have a column of widgets that what would look like a sidebar. Does that work for you?

  9. Hi Nick,

    I bough page builder the first day. These upgrade (e.g. full width row) will be available as a free plugin update?

    Do I need to do something to download it?



    1. Hi Roberto. Yes – free upgrade in your PootlePress account. Email support if you have any problems. 🙂 Nick

  10. info4 Avatar

    Hi! This really is a great feature!
    Do you think it will be released soon?

  11. When is the full width container and visual style option going to be released? Eagerly awaiting these to finish a few projects, thanks!

    1. Hopefully tomorrow Zach! Just ironing out the last few bugs…

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