Sticky Header is dead… long live Sticky Header (2)!

Sticky Header is one of the most popular Canvas Extensions but it was also one of the first we developed. We’ve learn’t and lot since then, so when we realised that Sticky Header was causing more support requests than all the other Canvas Extensions put together, we decided to kill it and completely re-developed it from the ground up!

Sticky Header mark II now plays nicely with every Canvas feature, from sliders to top bars, boxed layouts and more.

We’ve also squeezed a new feature into it that allows you to set an opacity to the header allowing visitors to your website to see the content underneath the header when they scroll, which we think creates a stunning effect. See the video below.

Sticky Header 2 is available from the PootlePress store. Sticky Header 2 is a free upgrade for customers who have purchased Sticky Header and is available in your PootlePress account now.


4 responses to “Sticky Header is dead… long live Sticky Header (2)!”

  1. Peter Avatar

    HI Nick.. I think I’m committed to using Canvas on my current project. What I’d really like to see with this extension is the ability to make the sticky header shrink in size upon scrolling to.. in an iOS safari kind of way. I have seen this on other themes and I think it would really make this extension killer.. would also help me substantiate paying for this πŸ˜‰ Shouldn’t be hard to do right? I’ll even purchase now if you commit to updating this soon.. Thanks..

    1. : ) Nice try! Great idea though. I have thought the same. Please post the idea here:

  2. Can Sticky Header 2 be used with Wootle Menu? Or better yet, if I buy SH2, do I need Wootle Menu?

    1. Hi Kevin, Yes, sticky header 2 can be used with Wootle Menu. If you want the features of Wootle, you will still need Wootle… hope this helps! Nick

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