Video tutorial – How to create a Squeeze Landing Page in WooThemes Canvas

A ‘squeeze’ landing page focusses your users on taking the action you want them to take by removing unnecessary choices and distractions. In other words, remove many of the links!

This tutorial shows you how to create a squeeze landing page in WooThemes Canvas using our Page Element Hider Canvas Extension. All without the need for expensive landing page plugins, keeping your site lean and mean!

As always, let us know what you think in the comments and please help us by tweeting about this free tutorial on Twitter (1-click).


Step 1 – Introduction

Step 2 – Create the page & remove sidebar

 Step 3 – Remove elements

Step 4 – Replacing the page title

Step 5 – Finalising the content & sign up


5 responses to “Video tutorial – How to create a Squeeze Landing Page in WooThemes Canvas”

  1. Will this plugin work with the Canvas “boxed layout style”?

    Thank you for showing what the finished product should resemble, especially early on. So many plugin listings never display the view from the user’s side — and I would like to know that prior to installing a plugin.

    1. Thanks Terry – do you mean the Page Element Hider plugin? Yes it will work on all Canvas layouts and sites.

      Let me know if that answers your question. ; )

  2. Hi Nick, Everything worked great except for I am using Canvas in full width layout mode, with an image assigned to the header background. The image still appears at the top of the landing page, even though I have all the options checked in Page Element Hider. Any ideas on how to revmove this as well, so it’s all white? Thanks

    1. Hi Chris, Page Element Hider doesn’t current remove a header background image. If you wanted to do this it would be some custom CSS to replace the header background image on that specific page using the class .page-id-XXX and id header.

      We are working on this idea for a Canvas Extension which would solve this problem. Maybe consider voting for it??

  3. Brilliant videos, so clear. Thank you Nick.
    I looked for the plugin but no luck. Then I found you had to pay for it.
    Can you tell me how much it costs and where I can pay for it?
    All the best, Gareth.

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