Video tutorial: How to create an elegant Portfolio website using Canvas and Projects from WooThemes

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canvas photography

In this tutorial I show you how to create this stylish and clean photography website using the Canvas Theme and the new Projects plugin from WooThemes. The tutorial also uses one of our new Canvas Extensions – these plugins give you even greater control with Canvas. If you have any questions please post them in the comments below or if you are a PootlePress Academy member please post them on the support forum πŸ™‚

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1) Introduction

2) Install Canvas and change your design

3) Add your Photography portfolio using the WooThemes Projects plugin

4) Finishing up

To turn off text from your Portfolio page you will need some custom css. Just paste this into your custom.css file in Canvas. This is found in Dashboard / Appearance / Editor / Custom.css Click here to get the CSS you will need


4 responses to “Video tutorial: How to create an elegant Portfolio website using Canvas and Projects from WooThemes”

  1. I’m really happy to find your site and your plugins for Canvas. It sure makes my like easier as a self-taught web guy.

    I have a question for you. I’m an artist, with a growing gallery of paintings that I’d like to display on my site for sale. I’ve purchased a URL for my art, but would like to somehow just direct that URL to a page on my current website, without having to host another site. Is there an easy way to do a create a gallery with a different header on a page of my current site, or should I just go ahead and create another website?

    I appreciate your input.



  2. Hi Jamie. This is absolutely awesome. Thank you. I’m 90% there but my site is only displaying one project at a time and I’m getting 2 “Warning Division by Zero in /homepage…” Any ideas?



  3. Ok… I removed the Projects plugin and then reinstalled it. I got the same warnings and layout. Then I deleted all projects and photos associated with them and reinstalled the Projects plugin again. This time it worked.

  4. Hi there Jamie !

    Thankk You for this tutorial…

    I have a question for You regarding moving from the old Portfolio template to the new Project template.

    One of the really great things about the Portfolio template was the powerful Gallery settings which let visitors search for Portfolio items based on certain galleries. This option was visible on the Portfolio page -which was great!

    I assume that this function has been replaced by Project Categories…

    How do I make the categories visible on the actual Projects Page ???
    This is a huge issue for me and I would be super happy if You have a workaround for me ; )))

    Thank You

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