Video – How to create a majestic menu like with WooThemes Canvas

It is fair to say that at PootlePress we are fans of most things Apple related. So when we were dreaming up ideas for Canvas Extension menus, it wasn’t long before we thought of

But took us ages to think of a name for it…

Apootle… Poople… iPoo… but we finally settled on Papple ; )

Simply install Papple Menu as a plugin and you have an Apple Menu for your WooThemes Canvas site.

In this video we also show you how to create a hero header that makes the Papple Menu come to life:

Like all our Canvas Extensions it comes with one year’s support and use on unlimited sites.

Let us know what other menus you’d like to see on our ideas board.


Papple is no longer for sale as a separate plugin. However you can use Menu Customizer to create a menu just like it.


24 responses to “Video – How to create a majestic menu like with WooThemes Canvas”

  1. Chantal Avatar

    More like this please! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Chantal – we’ll keep it up!

  2. Thank’s Nick, I am finding your tutorials really easy to follow and very helpful.

    1. Thanks Helen – let us know what else you’d like us to cover!

  3. Nice one, I do really like this!!!

    Is it possible to get the image just on some page like and just the menu on the other pages?

    1. Hi Peder, thanks for your nice comment. Yes, this is possible with some custom CSS. My thinking on the easiest way to do this would be something like:

      1. set the image and Papple menu settings how you want it as I have done in the video and then use ‘Inspect Element’ (Chrome Developer Tools) to get the CSS.
      2. Just use this CSS just for the homepage using the ‘home’ class
      3. Write this custom CSS into your child theme
      4. Remove the Canvas settings and replace with how you want it on every page of the site

      Does this make sense?


      1. keith whalen Avatar
        keith whalen

        If I get it sorted on all browsers I’ll have a look at that Nick.

  4. keith whalen Avatar
    keith whalen

    Give it a go and I like it but it only appears to work in Chrome for me, In IE and Firefox The Menu text appears below the Menu. Any ideas?

    1. We can see the issue and we’re on it Keith!

      1. Ok, issue is now fixed!

        1. keith whalen Avatar
          keith whalen

          Hi Nick. Its still not working for me. I deleted the old plugin and reinstalled version Version 1.0.2 but it still only works in Google Chrome.

          Is its something I am doing. Are there any settings you need to know from me?


          1. Hi Keith,

            That is the most updated version. Can you send this through as a support ticket to (that is how we support Canvas Extension plugins) with the following info:

            1. Screenshot if poss
            2. Version of Firefox or any other browsers it is not working on.
            3. Operating System and version

            We use some software that helps us simulate your exact set up so we should be able to re-create this issue. But please email

            Thanks! Nick

  5. keith whalen Avatar
    keith whalen

    Thanks Nick, I have to say for £6 + VAT its a great plugin.

  6. Andrea Avatar

    Awesome! I love it!!!

  7. Hi there
    I tried searching for the papple plug in simply by entering it into the search box under plugins when ‘add new’.

    But it did not yield any search results. What am I doing wrong?


    1. Hi Ramesh,

      It’s available from our store here:

      Sorry this wasn’t clear! We will update the post…


  8. Hi great plug in but is it possible that the widths of the individual menu items vary according to content. I have one menu item where the second word is dropping below the first whereas another menu item – eg blog is sitting in a very wide box – temp url

    1. Hey Gareth, the quick answer is no. You need to find shorter names for your nav lables (like Apple). This is always a challenge for me too, but it’s nice thinking about simplifying everything in a very Apple-like way!

  9. Added sub menu items but not getting a drop down either

    1. Hi Gareth – as I mentioned on livechat please email with support issues.

      In terms of drop downs – the menu is simple and designed just to work like (which has no drop downs)

  10. Think it would be worth mentioning in the product overview it doesn’t have the capacity for sub menus.

    1. Hi Gareth, agreed. I have just updated the product page:

  11. Hi Nick,

    Is there a way to have a logo appear instead of “home” in the Papple menu (like Apple has their apple logo)?
    BTW, I’m new to the Pootlepress Academy…wish I would have found you years ago!

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