How to create a WordPress Child Theme with 1 click

How to create a WordPress Child Theme with 1 click 2

WordPress Child Themes are very useful because they enable you to modify the appearance of your original or Parent theme, without fear of breaking it.

WordPress Child themes inherit all the styles and functionality from the Parent theme and allow you to place all your CSS changes is a separate place to the Parent theme’s CSS. This has 2 benefits. First, it gives you a very simple upgrade path should the Parent Theme ever be upgraded. Second, because the CSS changes you have made are in a separate CSS file to the Parent theme you can easily spot any mistakes you have made.

There is a manual method to create a WordPress Child Theme but an easier way is to use this plugin One-Click Child Theme . This plugin will create a child theme for you with 1 click.

A quick demo of the One-Click Child Theme Plugin in action


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6 thoughts on “How to create a WordPress Child Theme with 1 click”

  1. Is it better to create a child theme than to put styling into Canvas’s custom.css? So far, I haven’t been able to make the latter work.

  2. OK, on every tutorial I have read it says that when one wishes to create a child theme you must have the parent theme installed BUT NOT activated.

    This plug in I believe requires that the parent theme be activated, correct?

    So, what is the correct method as I have NOT activated Canvas theme yet; awaiting to use child.


  3. Hi Jamie

    I went to the download the ‘one-click child theme’ and saw there was a notice that said it had not been updated for two years and that it may not be compatible with newer versions of WordPress. Should I be concerned and if so can you recommend an alternative ?

    Many thanks


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