10 reasons why WordPress is a great communication tool for you and your organisation

1) WordPress is free

WordPress is free and open source. You can download it from  www.wordpress.org and install it on a server of your choice (or even on your own PC).

Having 100% control of the ‘terms and conditions’ of your communications platform is incredibly important but is often overlooked.  As users of hosted providers such as Ning will testify, you can be caught out. In Ning’s case they started charging.  With WordPress you never have to worry about that happening.

2) WordPress talks nicely to the social web

Social media is now so important for any communications plan that it’s vital that your web content integrates seamlessly with networks such as Twitter and Facebook.  WordPress makes it easy to push content out to the social web and also bring conversations back into your website.

3) WordPress works

WordPress runs some of the world’s busiest websites. It is proven to scale and work regardless of how much traffic is thrown at it.

4) WordPress is very friendly to non-techies

If you work in communications then you probably want the ability to change things on your website quickly without having to go to a development team for every little change. WordPress makes it easy for non-techies to add content and new functionality.

5) WordPress is mobile friendly

More and more people are using their phones to access the Internet.  Your communication strategy will probably involve delivering content to mobile devices sooner rather than later. WordPress can automatically format your website content for mobile devices.

6) WordPress is Google friendly

Once you have built your website it’s important that your content can be found. WordPress makes sure that your content is optimised for search engines.

7) WordPress is video friendly

WordPress makes uploading, sharing and commenting on videos easy.

8)  WordPress supports web standards and accessibility

WordPress makes sure that your web content is accessible to as many people as possible, across all web browsers and operating systems.

9) WordPress deals with spam

If you run a public facing website then you will need a way of dealing with spam and moderating comments from your readers. WordPress automatically filters out spam and gives you notifications as soon as any comments are left on your site for you to approve or remove.

10) WordPress makes it possible for you to build your own online communities

More and more organisations are using the web to engage with their stakeholders, staff, readers, members and the public. You can use WordPress to build your very own online community. For an example take a look at an online community we built using WordPress at www.leckhamptononline.co.uk .

That’s our 10 reasons for recommending WordPress.  Let us know yours.