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    WooCommerce 2ALAN

    Hi Jamie

    Just starting to load up products into my shop product categories using canvas and woo commerce. If you have (for example) 40 products under one category, can you change the order that they appear on the page under that category? I want to be able to shuffle the order of the featured images so that the best products are evenly distributed thoughout the category. I was thinking you could do this by changing the date of the product post to do this but thought I’d ask first before trying this.



    WooCommerce 3Jamie Marsland

    Hi Al,

    By default you have 4 options in terms of the order of products. They are…

    1) Default
    2) Alphabetically
    3) Most recent
    4) Price

    You can change which of the above is used by going to WooCommerce/Settings/Catalog

    Hope that helps :)


    WooCommerce 2ALAN

    Great, once set to default I was able to shuffle the products up or down under product/sort product.

    Cheers Jamie


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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