WooCommerce 3 and Storefront Pro 4.3 – important update instructions

A couple of days ago WooCommerce version 3 was released. Today we are releasing Storefront Pro version 4.3.

Storefront Pro 4.3 is designed to work with WooCommerce 3 and higher.Storefront Pro 4.3 will not work properly older versions of WooCommerce.
Please only update to Storefront Pro 4.3 once you have updated to WooCommerce version 3.

As ever, with WooCommerce take great care over updating. Version 3 of WooCommerce is a major update so don’t rush 🙂

Important: Before you update WooCommerce make sure you have a back-up and have tested thoroughly

Click here to read Woo’s recommended update procedure, but here’s a few things to check.

  • Make sure you have a back up in place
  • Ideally test everything on a staging server
  • Test everything again once live

How to update Storefront Pro to version 4.3

There are two ways to update Storefront Pro.

  1. Via your website dashboard  – you should see an auto-update appear in your plugins list. If not, try option 2 below.
  2. Via your website dashboard – go to Appearance | Storefront Pro | Account. Then click on the blue update button


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