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The Pootle Pagebuilder showcase 1

The Pootle Pagebuilder showcase

Pootle Pagebuilder showcase websites When we develop a new product here in the Pootle Shed, we have a vision of how it’s going to help people achieve the type of website they want.  Knowing that we’re helping our customers to reach their own vision is what drives us. And so it’s really lovely when we get …

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Julian von Gebhardi | Germany 12

Julian von Gebhardi | Germany

Customer name: Julian von Gebhardi From: Germany About Julian:  After a 3 month stay in South East Asia and witnessing the ever-increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, Julian returned to Germany with a determined fire in in his belly to bring about change in his home country.  He decided to create ‘Laguna’, a non-plastic onlinestore which aims to reduce …

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Paul Pruneau | California 13

Paul Pruneau | California

Customer name: Paul Pruneau From: California, US About Paul:  Paul is the founder of TeamworksCom creating integrated online and content marketing solutions for early stage companies. Paul and Pootlepress: Paul’s recent project with CorStone really caught our eye here at Pootlepress.  CorStone develops and provides personal resilience programs to improve well-being for youth worldwide. Their focus is on adolescent …

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Leigh Olson | Seattle 14

Leigh Olson | Seattle

Customer name: Leigh Olson From: Seattle, US About Leigh:  Leigh is a food photographer and recipe developer with a passion for local, seasonal ingredients, small batch and artisan products, farmers markets and the occasional glass of wine – or two. Leigh and Pootlepress: Leigh’s website is a portfolio of her food photography work. It is very simple, but needed …

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Jennifer Carello | Connecticut 15

Jennifer Carello | Connecticut

Customer name: Jennifer Carello From: Connecticut, US About Jennifer: Jennifer owns Techcare – a US-based, female run web development agency. She specializes in building easy to navigate, beautiful, and SEO optimized sites on the WordPress platform. Jennifer and Pootlepress: Jennifer likes to use Pootle Pagebuilder as it gives her the flexibility to style out Woothemes Canvas as she desires and create some …

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Bruno Freitas (aka Bfrema) | Brazil 16

Bruno Freitas (aka Bfrema) | Brazil

Customer name: Bruno Freitas (aka Bfrema) From: Brazil About Bfrema: Bfrema is a visual artist based on São Paulo, Brasil.  Bfrema and Pootlepress: Bfrema uses Woocommerce as a platform to sell his art and since he discovered Storefront Pro, he’s able to easily setup the visual of his store like a boss – meaning he can get back to living the dream. …

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Greg Collett | Canada 17

Greg Collett | Canada

Customer name: Greg Collett From: Canada About Greg:  Greg’s heart is on the open road, with his bike, touring North America.  Every now and then he takes a pit stop to design and build websites for nice clients. Greg and Pootlepress: Greg has been using Pootlepress plugins exclusively for the last couple of years.  He’s able …

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