Julian von Gebhardi | Germany

Customer name: Julian von Gebhardi

From: Germany

About Julian:  After a 3 month stay in South East Asia and witnessing the ever-increasing environmental impact of plastic waste, Julian returned to Germany with a determined fire in in his belly to bring about change in his home country.  He decided to create ‘Laguna’, a non-plastic onlinestore which aims to reduce the plastic footprint we produce every day. Where every consumer can be 100% sure that all products are environmentally friendly, healthy, safe and conscientiously prepared. 

Julian and Pootlepress: We love the ethos behind Laguna and are delighted that Pootle Storefront Pro has enabled Julian to showcase his awesome conscientious products. Inspiring stuff 🙂

Julian says: ‘We love the feature of Storefront Pro which make the product images flip once you mouseover.’

Uses: Storefront Pro.



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