What’s coming in WordPress 6.6

This is a working document where I’ll keep you up to date with the most exciting features that will hopefully be coming in WordPress 6.6. WordPress 6.6 is scheduled for a final release on July 16, 2024, following a Beta 1 release on June 4, 2024. The information below is based on my current research of what’s in the development pipeline. As soon as the WordPress 6.6 release plan is available I’ll update this post.

WordPress 6.6 is set to introduce a series of exciting updates aimed at enhancing the user experience and expanding creative possibilities for developers and designers.

From “Content Only Editing,” which simplifies the editing process, to the “Zoomed Out View” for a broader perspective of your work, these updates promise a more intuitive and efficient workflow.

Additionally, “CSS Grids” will offer advanced layout options, including column and row customization. The introduction of “Color and Typography Presets” in Global Styles, “Root Support for Background Images” in theme.json, and “Featured Image Support” for media and text, are poised to revolutionize design capabilities within WordPress.

Content only editingGitHub Issue #60021
Zoomed out viewGitHub PR #56806
CSS Grids (including column and row start and end)What’s New for Developers April 2024
Color and typography presets in Global StylesWhat’s New for Developers April 2024
Root support for background images in theme.jsonWhat’s New for Developers April 2024
UI for custom fieldshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7M4mBVgP3Y
Featured image support for media and textWhat’s New for Developers April 2024
Pattern overridesGitHub PR #59268
Playground plugin to create a sandbox of your websiteWhat’s New for Developers April 2024
Custom Post Type Creation?https://x.com/dbchhbr/status/1769684867820757284

Moreover, “Pattern Overrides” and the “Playground Plugin,” which creates a sandbox environment for testing, underscore WordPress’s commitment to flexibility and innovation. For a detailed dive into these features, check the links provided in each segment.


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