Huge WordPress Changes coming in 2024

Welcome to 2024! Big changes are coming to WordPress, making it an exciting year for anyone using the platform. In this blog post, we’re going to break down the major updates heading our way.

From better font options and easier ways to use custom fields, to new tools for teamwork and creative design tweaks, WordPress is adding some cool, practical features. These changes are great for both long-time WordPress fans and those just getting started.

So, let’s take a closer look at what’s new and how these updates can make managing your website smoother and more fun this year.

Font library

The Font Library is a user-friendly tool that allows you to easily install, remove, and use different fonts on your website. It works independently of the theme you have chosen, much like the Media Library. This means that any font, whether added by you or included with a theme, can be selected and used anywhere on your site while editing.

There are some big updates coming to WordPress in 2024. Here are my top picks.

Custom fields

This new feature will make it easy for users to connect custom fields to Gutenberg blocks. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to link additional information or settings you’ve created (custom fields) directly to different parts of your website’s content (Gutenberg blocks). This integration will streamline your editing process, allowing for more personalized and dynamic web pages.

Partially synced Patterns (pattern overrides)

When you use a synced pattern on your website right now, any changes you make to it show up everywhere that pattern is used. People have suggested it would be better if you could keep the design and layout the same in all places, but change the content (like text) in each place separately. For example, with a ‘Recipe’ pattern, you could use the same design in many posts, but change the ingredients and steps in each post. If you later update the design of the recipe pattern, it won’t affect the ingredients and steps you’ve already put in.

Enter pattern overrides

This new feature lets you use a design template (like a testimonial pattern) in multiple places, keeping the overall look the same but allowing you to change specific details (like names, images, and roles) in each place you use it. This means you can maintain a consistent design in different areas, but still customize each part as needed. Plus, if you want to update the design of the template later, you can do so without changing the custom content you’ve added in each place.

Admin refresh

As part of the Gutenberg Project the WordPress Admin is being re-envisioned. Here’s an early prototype.


Here’s a video of Matias Venture (Gutenberg Lead Architect) demo’ing an early iteration of how document collaboration may work in WordPress.

Improved Navigation Block

Version 6.5 aims to improve how you can design for different screen sizes by giving you complete control over the appearance of your overlay menu. This overlay menu is what appears when you open a mobile menu on your site. With these new features, you’ll be able to change the colors, spacing, and layout of the menu, ensuring that it looks great and works well on all devices, providing a unique menu experience no matter what device is used to view it.

Here’s a video overview made by Rich Tabor, which also shows the ability to have different menu items in a desktop and mobile view 🔥

Better Revisions

In the upcoming WordPress 6.5 release, there will be enhancements to how templates and template parts are managed. You will be able to see the history of changes (revisions) for these elements. Additionally, there will be significant improvements in managing style revisions, including the ability to compare changes side by side, navigate through revisions more easily with pagination, and view more detailed descriptions of each change.


This new feature lets you control the design of specific sections of your website in more detail. For now, it’s mainly about adding color options to certain areas (like group blocks) using a tool called Colorways. Colorways is part of a bigger system that allows for customizing things like colors, fonts, and borders. Initially, these color options can only be set up by someone who knows how to code, although there’s a simple tool for choosing them. These color schemes are designed to look good and be easy to read. Right now, website designers mainly use this to set up a range of good-looking color options in their themes. In the future, there will be a way for regular users to create these color schemes directly from the website’s style settings.

Data liberation

Matt Mullenweg announced at State of the Word 2023 that there will be a big focus of Data libration. This will make it easier to move your content between systems like Wix and WordPress, and Page Builders like Elementor into Gutenberg.


2024 is going to be a really exciting year for WordPress, I would still like to see more of a focus on simplifying the user experience for Block Themes, but there’s some great new features on the way.

Let me know which feature you are most excited about in the comments below.


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