5 WordPress Design Tricks You Probably Don’t Know


WordPress is incredibly powerful, but even experienced users miss some of the design functionality hidden in the platform. In this post, I’ll share 5 WordPress design tricks that can level up your page building skills.

  1. Gradient Backgrounds with Colour Control

You can add gradient backgrounds to blocks and adjust them using the gradient color picker. Add additional color points to create angled edges or black lines. This gives you advanced control over gradient effects.

  1. Open List View by Default

Under Preferences, you can set WordPress to always open list view when editing pages and posts. This saves you time when creating new content. Fix the toolbar and disable full screen mode here too.

  1. The Secret Design View

Browse Styles has a zoomed-out design view that shows a full page preview. This helps when designing templates or individual pages in the site editor. It’s surprisingly hidden but super useful!

  1. Design Entire Pages

The design view works for visualizing entire pages as you build them. You can see how the layout comes together and adjust as needed. Much better than editing block by block.

  1. Should Be More Prominent

While powerful, the design view is hard to find. It’s a feature WordPress should make more visible and accessible. Nonetheless, it can really aid page building once you know it’s there.


WordPress has some useful but obscure design features built in. Learning tips like gradient control, default list view, and the secret design view can take your page building to the next level. Look out for non-obvious functionality as you build your WordPress skills.

Let me know in the comments if you found these WordPress tricks helpful!


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