Recreating TechCrunch with WordPress: A 30-minute Challenge

When it comes to versatility and ease of use, WordPress is amazing. To put it to the test, I attempted to recreate the TechCrunch website using the default 2023 Block Theme and no plugins. Here’s my experience.

The Challenge

With a blank WordPress website on my left and TechCrunch on my right, my goal was to reproduce the design of the renowned site as closely as possible in a mere half-hour. While I had pre-populated my blank site with a few posts for ease, the task ahead was still monumental.

The Steps

  1. Design Approach: My primary design strategy was to use columns on the front page, and then the query loop block to incorporate the posts. Given the time constraints, I aimed to replicate a layout where the post details are on the left, and the featured image on the right.
  2. Creating a Sticky Navigation: The first step involved making the navigation sticky. A crucial aspect to understand is that stickiness can only be applied within a container. So, by grouping the content within the column, I achieved a sticky navigation, much like the one on TechCrunch.
  3. Incorporating Post Details: Using the query loop block, I added post details. In WordPress 6.3, you can fix the aspect ratio of your featured images in the query loop block, ensuring consistency regardless of the original image proportions.
  4. Styling and Formatting: Post aesthetics are vital. I tweaked font sizes, added published dates, authors, and categories. The key was to ensure each element not only captured the essence of TechCrunch but was also visually appealing.
  5. Final Touches: Last but not least, I introduced some padding for a neat layout. Also, by accessing the ‘edit site’ option, I was able to finetune elements, adjust column sizes, and ensure responsiveness.


The final result? A WordPress site remarkably reminiscent of TechCrunch, complete with sticky navigation, tailored post layouts, and custom global styles.


While I might not have achieved pixel-perfect accuracy due to the time constraint, the exercise revealed the power and flexibility of WordPress. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned developer, the platform provides tools to bring your vision to life swiftly. My 30-minute challenge was a testament to that.

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