The FREE AI Chatbot for WordPress: Powered by ChatGPT

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The video is a first look at a free AI chatbot plugin for WordPress called AI Engine. The plugin, written by Jordi Meow, has already received over a thousand active installations and 28 five-star reviews.

The video demonstrates the three main ways the plugin can be used on a website, including a live chatbot, fine-training the bot with a specific data set, and using the bot to generate content for the site. The video also shows how easy it is to set up the plugin and how to generate an API key from OpenAI. The creator of the plugin, Jordi Meow, has more exciting features planned for future development.


The FREE AI Chatbot for WordPress: Powered by ChatGPT – YouTube

(00:00) good morning here’s a first look at a free chat gbt AI chatbot and this is the plugin we’re going to have a quick look at it’s called AI engine it’s written by Jordi meow who actually creates some of my favorite WordPress plugins it’s fairly new but it’s already got over a thousand active installations and it only has five star reviews so it’s just got about 28 reviews so far everybody loves it so let’s dive in and see what it does [Music] there are three main ways that you can
(00:37) use this little plugin on your site the first is via a live chat bot which I’ve actually installed on this site here as a test this is a site about a cycling app called Swift and you can click on the little icon down here and the little AI assistant will ask you a question so I’m going to say how much is Swift and it should trundle off and it’s talking to chat gbt at this point and it’ll come back with an answer of 14.
(01:03) 99 per month in the pro version which is 29 there are two additional features which are really cool the first is this option down here this is just the settings screen and you can tick that little option there and then it’s aware of the page that it’s on so when you’re actually querying the chatbot it’s aware of the context of the page that it’s on the second thing which is super cool is you can actually fine train the bot as well so you can actually upload your own data set and your own questions and
(01:30) answers in simple terms and train the bot to your specific circumstances this gets a little bit more complex and I might deal with this in a future video if anyone would like to see that but it allows you to basically train your own little Bots again so they understand the context of your organization or your sales promotions or your products so when somebody’s asking questions the answers are very specific to your own requirements [Music] setup is an absolute Breeze and only takes five minutes just download and
(02:02) activate the plugin on your site I put a link in the description below where you can go and find it come into your dashboard and click on AI engine down here it’s under meow apps and the first thing you’re going to want to do is grab an open AI API key and you can do that over here on the right there’s actually a link to go and grab it so you just click on the link here it’ll take you off to open AI where you can actually go and register for a free account this is where you generate your key it’ll
(02:26) actually take you to the right page then just click on create secret key here that will generate your API key and in a second you can copy it there just click copy then go back to your dashboard and just paste your API key in there and then you’re set to go it’ll just refresh itself the next thing you want to do is really go to the chat bot here and configure this so there’s lots of settings here the main ones really are over here on the right I wonder any fun thing you can do if you want to is you can actually set the
(02:59) context of your AI bot and I’ve set on this site I’ve said it be rude and haughty so you can actually give your you can give your chat bot a personality and this is the sort of thing that mine came out with so I asked the question how much does Swift cost and the AE cycle block came back with this is not my concern I’m here to answer questions about signing up pricing which is kind of fun and then to set your chatbot live on your website you just come down here and tick this little tick box that says
(03:28) inject default chat bot in website and as soon as you do that the chatbot will be live and ready to go on your site AI engine also has a really nice little content generator that you can use if you want to on your sites this is it here it’s accessed via your dashboard you just pop in your topic over here on the left so I’m saying how to use Swift and it will automatically generate that as a post for you and let me just click generate all here and it will trundle off again it’s talking to chat gbt it’s
(04:02) my answer but I actually wanted a little bit more detail so I’m going to increase the number of sections here too let’s have six sections and let’s have maybe two paragraphs per section so there’s my finished post it’s written my title and all my sections and it’s also written some content I could of course go in and edit all this that’s my accept as well but I’m just going to click on create post at the bottom here that’s going to save that post out as a draft but I can
(04:26) now edit that post and it just takes me to the editor what you’ll find is if you’re using Gutenberg it’ll just dump it all in the classic block but you can just convert that to blocks and now you’ve got everything in your blocks and there’s your finished post and of course you can go off and edit that if you want to but I’m just going to publish that so from start to finish I’ve created quite an interesting post about uh the fun way to battle with Swift and we’ve now got that published so you can see
(04:50) the power of this stuff this is just the start for the AI engine plug-in I’ve been in contact with Geordie and the stuff he’s got lined up and planned for Dev is just mind-blowing so it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on it if you enjoyed this video if you can hit that like button now below it’d be amazing because it really really really does help spread the word of the video and the channel and also every time you do hit that like button our cats get a little treat [Music] so thanks again for watching if you want
(05:26) to see more videos like this hit that subscribe button and you’ll be notified every time I release a new one keep well and I’ll see you soon bye for now

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  1. Great software but he needs to fix the popup interface. It doesnt allow the bot to be embedded as a form, just either “popup” or “FULLSCREEN” and you lose all other controls of the screen. Popup on mobile only shows half the response so they user needs to know to hit the maximise button (which isnt clear) to then see the response. Lots of support questions from users “it doesnt work’ as a result.

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