Top 10 tips for Editing with the Gutenberg Block Editor

Here’s a few top tips that will help you Edit like a pro when using the Gutenberg Block Editor.

Either watch the full video or skip to one of the sections below.

0:00​ – Intro
00:13​ – An easy way to move Blocks in long pages
00:53​ – How to wrap text around an image
01:43​ – How to align the Gutenberg Block Editor Button Block
03:00​ – How to create smooth scroll with Anchor Links within a Gutenberg Page
04:55​ – How to find out what Blocks other websites are using
05:49​ – How to use Edit Modes in the Gutenberg Block Editor
06:55​ – How to create Awesome Grid Layouts using the Media and Text Block
09:27​ – How to bring back WordPress Menus when Editing Pages with Gutenberg
10:22​ – How to fix the toolbar to the top of the screen
11:04​ – How to use Re-usable Blocks


4 responses to “Top 10 tips for Editing with the Gutenberg Block Editor”

  1. Of all the zillions of PootlePress videos I have watched, this is my all time favorite. 🖤

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Brill tks 🙂

  2. One stumbles upon these things in the fullness of time but so good to be able to benefit from someone who’s already found certain things are really useful. Thanks Jamie.

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Thanks John, glad it was useful 🙂


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