Gutenberg Pro – sneak peek video

I’m a big fan of the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor, but sometimes the core blocks don’t quite have enough functionality that I need. 

An example is the Cover Block.

The Cover Block is great if you want to add a hero, banner or call to action section to your website.

I use the Cover Block in most website builds these days, but I wanted to be able to do more with it.

Specifically I wanted to make my Cover Blocks more unique and have more control over the design.

Here’s what I wanted to add.

  • Add shapes to the top and bottom of the Cover Block
  • Change the height of shapes so that designs would be flexible
  • Add subtle animation to the background image
  • Add more mobile controls
  • Add a full height/screen option

So we decided to build a plugin that adds easy to use but powerful options to the Gutenberg Core Blocks.

We are calling this new plugin Gutenberg Pro.

Gutenberg Pro will consist of a number of mini plugins, that build on the existing functionality of core Gutenberg Blocks.

We are starting with two of the most useful Core Gutenberg Blocks

  • Cover Block Pro
    • Shapes, shape height control, mobile control, animations
  • Columns Block Pro
    • Background image and colour per column, padding, full screen option, gutter control

What’s elegant about this approach is that users will be able to implement the new functionality built into Gutenberg Pro on existing websites without have to add or learn how to use new blocks.


11 responses to “Gutenberg Pro – sneak peek video”

  1. Definitely interested in your beta program, Jamie! I just renewed my e-commerce package and love using your tools with some of the sites I build and/or manage.

  2. Rita Best Avatar

    Me too!

    Jamie, excellent work here. I’m interested in your beta program.

  3. As usual your right on target. Keep em coming, I am in!

  4. JoseManuel Avatar

    Hello Jamie , it sounds great, I’m also interested in the beta program.
    Thank you 🙂

  5. Hi Jamie, I’m also interested in test your plugin

  6. Erum Munir Avatar
    Erum Munir

    Interested in the Beta program

  7. Looks like you already have five volunteers, but I’m interested if you decide you need more.

  8. Hi Jamie
    Interested in beta test of plugin if you are looking for a beginner wordpress person

  9. Susan Veberes Avatar
    Susan Veberes

    Hi Jamie,

    I’m interested in testing for you!

  10. Anthony Avatar

    Hi Jamie – is there any possibility of adding Border options, specifically border-radius, to Cover Pro ? (yes, I have a current license for Gutenberg Pro…)

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