Introducing 18 Tags Version Three

This week we released a major update to our free 18 Tags WordPress theme.

18 Tags WordPress Theme

Highlights video

Better Gutenberg Support

What’s new

  • Full width blocks
  • Flush content to header setting

We’ve added better support for the WordPress Block Editor, including full width layouts for the Cover Block.

We’ve also added a cool new option that let’s you set the first Gutenberg row in your page to sit flush under the navigation. Here’s a video that shows you how it works.

Free Starter Skins

We’ve also added 8 starter skins to help accelerate building the design of your sites.

Here’s a gallery of the skins included (some are pro only)

How to preview and choose the design skins

18 Tags Pro walkthrough video

We also have a pro version of 18 Tags, and here’s a walkthrough video of the main features.


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