What’s new in Storefront Blocks version 2.7

The new version contains some cool new functionality.

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Here’s what I’ll cover in this article (click on the links to go to each section)

More mobile control over your blocks

Now with Storefront Blocks for your Masonry Grid and Square Grid layouts you can choose how they behave on mobile devices. We’ve kept this nice and simple for this first release, but we’ll considering adding more mobile controls in the future.

For now, you just need to select ‘keep layout for mobile’.

If you want to see a live demo click here.

keep layout for mobile

And this is the result

mobile layout for gutenberg

Increase the number of products shown in masonry grid

Now it’s possible to show many more products in your masonry grids.

We’ve added a new setting that lets you increase the number of products.

increase products shown in masonry grid for gutenberg


2 responses to “What’s new in Storefront Blocks version 2.7”

  1. Hi there, I’ve updated both Caxton and Storefront blocks plugins and when I load the shop page the square product grid block I had on the page is replaced with a spacer. When I add the square product grid again, it doesnt load the products correctly and removes the products from display if I say hide product titles, which is something I want to do on the shop page.

    It also didn’t show the new options in the layout tab of the page.

    I thought it might be a site caching issue, but after clearing caches, I still get the same problem. I’m hesitant to make any changes to the existing shop page until the plugin works how it used on the site.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Hi Martin,

      It does sound like a caching issue (if the new options are not showing).

      Could you also do a hard reload on the page ?

      If you still have an issue , could you contact me via support here pootlepress.com/support-form and we can take a look for you.


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