Easy Product Tables for WooCommerce (video)

The WooCommerce Product Table Block makes it easy to create great looking Product Tables for your Ecommerce Store.

Here’s a video tutorial showing our new Product Table Block plugin for WooCommerce. The Product Table Block for WooCommerce is available within our Storefront Blocks plugin. There’s a free trial for Storefront Blocks available here.

What the Product Table Block is great for

  1. Lists and Order forms
  2. Product catalogs
  3. Request for quotation websites
  4. Stores with thousands of small items
  5. Restaurants
  6. Wholesale stores

Video Walkthrough

This is what’s covered in the video above.

  1. Basic usage
  2. How to create a page with multiple sections using WooCommerce Categories 
  3. How to create a WooCommerce Product Catalogue
  4. How to add a Request for Quote option to your Product Table
  5. How to change the layout of Product Table page

7 thoughts on “Easy Product Tables for WooCommerce (video)”

  1. This is great and could be very useful for an upcoming project. Do you have support for the request a quote functionality on the single product pages? And if so, is there any control over the form fields?

  2. Request for Quote
    We need to the customer to provide postcode and country to prepare a quote.
    Can we add these as mandatory entry fields to the quote request form?

    1. Hi Charles,

      This isn’t possible with version 1 – but we’ve had a few other requests so we’ll look at adding :)


  3. Will adding custom fields (I use Types from OnTheGo Systems to extend the Product post type) be possible in future versions?

  4. Is it possible to add variations to the product. We have a simple variation for the product, just a YES or NO for if the product is painted. This is the same product for stock levels but just allows it to be painted. Is there a way to handle this?


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