The Caxton Shape Divider Block is featured on the WP Tavern Podcast featuring Matt Mullenweg

Our Caxton Shape Divider Block got an amazing review by WordPress founder Matt Mulleweg last week on the WP Tavern weekly podcast

Here’s the audio clip

Audio Transcription

Here’s the Question and Matt’s reply

Question: Is there anything that people have built using Gutenberg that really impress you?

Matt’s reply

One of my current favourites is the Shapes Block. It allows you to put different shapes and transitions between Blocks. So you can create some really really cool designs. Triangles, curves, that kind of thing. Essentially create transitions between Blocks. Which is kinda amazing. The sites people are creating with it are just gorgeous. They did that with just clicking buttons with WordPress. They are not having to dive into code or write a theme to get that same result. And that’s going to open up a level of creativity and expression for an audience that’s literally never had it. It’s like people are going to get new notes on a keyboard they can play, or a new voice they can sing with. 

If you would like the listen to the full podcast here’s the link 

And here’s the Tweet that’s mentioned in the Podcast


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