Introducing the new WooCommerce Product Block

This week we released an update to our Storefront Blocks plugin that adds a new block called the Product Block. The Product Block let’s you customize the layout of WooCommerce products and then insert them anywhere.

Here’s a few examples of how you might use the Product Block.

  • Create full width and full height product blocks, which would be great for landing pages
  • Add multiple blocks into a page so you could use this block to create a stunning looking WooCommerce page
  • Create a great looking home page
  • Insert into posts, so you can showcase your single products in your blog

Here’s a little video walkthough

And here are some examples of what’s possible

Introducing the new WooCommerce Product Block 1

Introducing the new WooCommerce Product Block 2

Introducing the new WooCommerce Product Block 3


One response to “Introducing the new WooCommerce Product Block”

  1. Boring dude Avatar
    Boring dude

    > Version 4.5 of #gutenberg released – it’s a big update that’s gonna break a lot of plugins that have been built on top of it. I’ve tested 2 popular ones and both are broken. It’s an illustration of how hard it’s gonna be for Gutenberg to be developed once it’s part of core.

    Finally you seem to understand, you are not supposed to be plugin/theme/builder dev any more after all 4 phases of GB project are ready one day. You are supposed to use a platform service like, buy plugin addons there (like coloring a word etc) for your site, or pay their WP VIP to build for you – you as in “enduser”.

    Automattic wants the revenue which currently flows to 3rd party agencies & devs, due to greed or due to their multi-hundred-million investors, time will tell.

    Good luck.

    Maybe if ACF and big builders like elementor, wpbakery, .. and evato drop/leave GB/WP completely with 4.9.x and would join forces with classic press, that could be an opportunity to survive, but lots of ego and $ also involved there.

    Intetesting times for sure.

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