Pootle Pagebuilder 3.7.2 is now out and here’s what’s new

Pootle Pagebuilder 3.7.2 is now out and here’s what’s new

Last week we quietly rolled out a new release of Pootle Pagebuilder.

Version 3.7.2 has a number of ‘under the hood’ improvements, but also some exciting features to help you create more beautiful and responsive WordPress pages,posts and WooCommerce products. 

Better mobile handling

We added a new feature which gives you automatic control over how your content is viewed on mobiles and tablets. Here’s a little video to show you how it works

Full screen rows

We’ve add a nice simple setting that will let you make your rows the full height of the screen.  You can achieve some really incredible effects with this one.

If you would like to see a live demo of full screen rows in action, click here. 

To turn on full screen height, go to row settings, and click ‘make row go full height’

full screen height rows in pootle pagebuilder

The Business Pack module

For Pagebuilder Pro users we’ve add our new shiny Business Pack module. The Business pack is a free module for current Pootle Pagebuilder Pro customers.

The business pack modules comes with some great add-ons, including,

  • accordions
  • number counters
  • tabs
  • testimonials
  • google maps


3 responses to “Pootle Pagebuilder 3.7.2 is now out and here’s what’s new”

  1. OH.. MY…. GOSH!!!! I am SO EXCITED This is so incredibly awesome Jamie!!!! I am so excited to use full screen pages!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Thanks Jennifer – i thought you would like the full screen page functionality 🙂

  2. e-Partner Avatar

    It is critical for users to know that a Woo Canvas Child theme site built with the Canvas Extension – Page Builder for Canvas is going to be incompatible with Pootle Page Builder. If you install the PPB plugin and activate it on a site using the Canvas Extension – Page Builder for Canvas, your ability to access page content is going to disappear. PootlePress support has told me, “you will have to rebuild the site.”

    My company needs a bridge script if one exists or, can be developed. We have about 60 sites running on a Canvas child theme.

    Any ideas would be appreciated because we think the Pootle Page Builder is exceptional.

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