Pro Skins for Storefront – walkthrough video

Here’s a sneak peek at a new plugin we’ve built called Storefront Pro Skins. Pro Skins let’s you create, save and reuse designs you create using Storefront Pro. Pro Skins is now available for free for Storefront Pro subscribers.

Here’s the video walkthrough


3 responses to “Pro Skins for Storefront – walkthrough video”

  1. Hi Jamie.

    FYI – there’s a typo above. In the body text above the video, the 2nd line says,
    “let’s create create” I assume it should say, “let’s you create”

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Thanks Rich 🙂

    2. If that’s the case you don’t need the apostrophe in lets — “Lets you create…” (Let’s is contracted form of Let us). 😀

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