Our 2017 product release plan

We've got some very exciting products coming out in the next few months, here's the current plan of what coming in the first quarter. 

WooCommerce Builder

WooCommerce Builder is a 'drag and drop' page builder for WooCommerce products. It will be a free update for customers of Pootle Pagebuilder Pro.  Here's a little video that shows you what it does. 

18 Tags Pro

18 Tags Pro is a plugin that gives you lots of lots of extra customization options for the free 18 tags theme.  Here's a walkthrough video. 

WP Skins

WP Skins is a plugin that will let you create, share and reuse any customizations that you make in the WP-Customizer. It works across all themes and will be great for site owners that want to make design changes to their websites (without expensive) staging servers and also for designers who want to reuse (and sell) their designs. 

Storefront Pro

Storefront Pro is going from strength to strength and we are busy planning the next update. 

Pootle Pagebuilder 

We'll be focusing on performance and a code optimization this quarter, but we also have some cool new features in the pipeline, like our new row animation functionality shown below. 

5 thoughts on “Our 2017 product release plan

  1. With the Woo Builder – your example is designing the layout for a specific product. Can that be applied to a template, so you are designing a common layout for all products?

  2. Hi Dave,

    At the moment is for specific products only,


    1. I love that it’s for specific products only, means I can optimize like crazy, rank better, and fine-tune the “sales-page”/productpage to make sales :) Thx, can’t wait!

      1. Hi Thomas,

        Yes that’s a good point – although there is some logic in being able to create templates this way (i think my view is that’s better to do in the theme really. WooCommerce Builder is really focused on create unique layouts (but of course you can still duplicate products to get exactly the same design)


  3. I hope Woocommerce Builder will offer a range of options for displaying product categories in addition to the standard “grid”. I have Several clients whose products simply do not suit that style of presentation.

    For starters, not every product can fit neatly into a square image! Secondly, not every product needs an image – or at least not a large image. That is why I hope we will see options for displaying categories as lists with oblong images (like blog posts) and table layouts using the smallest thumbnail size available.

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