Our ambition to make Pootle Pagebuilder Pro the best WooCommerce Pagebuilder

Our ambition to make
Drag and drop design for your WooCommerce shop

WooCommerce is a great platform for selling online and our aim is to make it easier to create any layout you want. With Pootle Pagebuilder Pro 3.5 we’ve introduced some new features that will give you complete control over how you layout your product pages.


Video walkthrough

Here’s a short video that shows you some of the Pootle Pagebuilder Pro WooCommerce functionality

How it works – step by step

1) Drag and drop WooCommerce module into row

2) Select WooCommerce product type

Just add the WooCommerce module into a row and choose from one of the following options.


2) Then select product display preferences

Once you have filtered by product type, then you can choose your layout preference.


Screenshot of the finished WooCommerce page



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