How to set up your WordPress home page

Here's a nice easy way to set up your WordPress home page. This short video tutorial shows you how to add a banner across the top, icons and features, and blog posts.

This tutorial uses Pootle Pagebuilder Pro

Visit Pootle Pagebuilder Pro   

What we'll build

Here's a screenshot of the finished home page


Video tutorial

And here's how to build it.

Home to set up a standard home page with Pootle Pagebuilder from pootlepress on Vimeo.

One thought on “How to set up your WordPress home page

  1. Hi,

    Can we use the “Pro” version to create various style of header/footer?

    Work wells with any shopping plugins?
    What registration page (for page protection) should do you recommend?

    Any refund of 100% of money upon purchasing of “Pro” version?


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