Drag and drop ‘easy build’ modules for WordPress

Drag and drop 'easy build' modules for WordPress 2


Say hello to drag and drop ‘easy build’ modules for WordPress

Here’s a few videos showing you the new ‘easy build’ modules now available in
Pootle Pagebuilder.  ‘Easy build’ Modules can be dropped anywhere into a page or a post and make it even easier to create great looking pages and posts.

Drag and drop ‘easy build’ modules

Video walkthrough 


And here’s some more examples…


WooCommerce module (pro version only)


Ninja Forms module

ninja forms

Pootle Slider module


Hero module


Also great for WordPress Posts


What’s more as well as our own Pootle modules, we’ve also created free modules from some of the best plugins for WordPress, e.g Ninja Forms. And we’ll be adding more free free modules very soon.


And here’s a sneak peak of whats coming next

We working hard to make the next update to Pootle Pagebuilder really exciting, this will include the ability to choose different fonts and also drag and resize content areas. This will give you pixel perfect control over your page layouts. 


8 thoughts on “Drag and drop ‘easy build’ modules for WordPress”

  1. I am trying to load your Pootle Page Builder and I am getting the following error…

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/22/3605522/html/ctcycle/wp-content/plugins/pootle-page-builder/inc/funcs.php on line 399

    1. Hi Steven,

      It sounds like your server is probably running a very old version of php. WordPress recommends at least 5.6.

      So the solution is to ask your hosting company to update your php version. This will only take a few minutes,

      Let me know if that works

  2. G’day Jamie,

    This is AMAZING stuff, to enable our productivity and creative expression(!)

    Thanks for your continued efforts to help us all produce fanastic pages really quickly and easily.


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