Photocrati theme tutorial

photocrati tutorial

Welcome to my Photocrati tutorial.

Photocrati is a powerful WordPress theme used by over 15,000 photographers and visual artists.

These videos are best watched full screen by clicking this icon Photocrati theme tutorial 1once the video is playing


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1) Introduction to Photocrati: Installation and configuration

This tutorial introduces the Photocrati theme (2 min, 38 secs).


2) Create your first Gallery

This tutorial shows you how to create your first Gallery (2 min, 37 secs).


3) How to edit existing Galleries

This tutorial shows you how to edit existing Galleries (0 min, 51 secs).


4) How to create Albums

This tutorial shows you how create Albums that contain Galleries and display them on a page (4 min, 14 secs).


5) Configure your website for Ecommerce

This tutorial shows you how add a featured Slider to your Blog (1 min, 54 secs).


6) How to add a shop page and sell your prints

This tutorial shows you configure your shop page (2 min, 07 secs).


7) How to tweak your design

This tutorial shows you change fonts and colours throughout your website (2 min, 43 secs).

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