50 Beautiful WooThemes Canvas websites [free ebook] now available

50 Beautiful WooThemes Canvas websites [free ebook] now available 2

PootlePress has brought together 50 beautiful Canvas websites.

We’d like to thank our customers for submitting 95 websites to be considered for inclusion in this ebook. It was a really difficult task narrowing these down to just 50 as all the sites were of a very high standard. We hope you find inspiration for your own websites in the examples shown.

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9 thoughts on “50 Beautiful WooThemes Canvas websites [free ebook] now available”

  1. Wow there are some truly beautiful sites in here. Now you need to publish a book on the top 10 (voted for by us, your subscribers) with instructions on how the customisations were achieved, this would be a product for you to sell of course, say $20-30, but i think it would be of great value to us (the great unwashed) there are many sites in there i could create, but also many i couldn’t without help.

    Just a thought Jamie, though i’m sure you have enough on your plate as it is.



    1. Love that idea Paul about the top 10 with instructions (I hadn’t thought of that one!)

      Thanks very much for the feedback 🙂


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