Video Tutorial – Easy Icons for WooThemes Features

WooThemes have launched a lovely new free plugin called Icons for Features (available in the WordPress repository) that works with their very popular Features plugin.

The Features plugin gives you another post type (like a page or a blog post) and also a nice widget to add features onto a widgetized page or homepage. Icons for Features works with Font Awesome Icons – a superb free set of icons that are really flexible.

If you create the kind of sites that need a lot of features on one page, then this will save you a lot of time selecting images for your features (always a pain). The other way we can see using them is to get your site concept up and running really quickly – even if you then get a designer (or if you are a designer) to come up with some custom icons at a later date.

So… here is the tutorial video. Any questions, post them in the comments below and we’ll get back to you!

Here is the link to the Font Awesome Icon Library mentioned in the video:



11 responses to “Video Tutorial – Easy Icons for WooThemes Features”

  1. Nick — many thanks for this tutorial! Although manually searching through a non-alphabetical list is annoying(!) it still saves time versus the alternatives!

    Hopefully a good developer out there will answer your call to update/contribute to the plugin to make it easier to sort/find.

    Cheers, Chris

    1. Definitely Chris!

  2. Can’t believe this is now a plugin after my faffing with images!… Love this though – thanks Nick!

    1. Well – WP is always moving forward! ; ) N

  3. Can you add icons from the web and insert it into the drop down?. I have baseball icons Id like to add.

    1. Hi Susan,

      Not at the moment. An easy way to do this would be to turn the icons (e.g. the baseball one) into an image and then upload it as a featured image for that feature. You wouldn’t need Icons for Features at all for this…

  4. Brenda Parsons Avatar
    Brenda Parsons

    You can easily find the icons in the list. When the drop down appears type the first number of characters for the name of the icon you are looking for. For example, “tru”, “cre” and “gif” get you right to the icons you were looking for.

    Ps … thanks for introducing us to the new feature.

    1. Doesn’t work for me on my Mac with Google Chrome Brenda, but glad it works for you! Thanks for sharing!! ; ) Nick

      1. Brenda Parsons Avatar
        Brenda Parsons

        Hmm, works for me on Mac with Safari. You need to type relatively quick. It doesn’t work if you just type the letters slowly and individually.

  5. Hi Nick,
    Is there anyway to change the colors of the icons in the plug in or do you have to just add custom CSS after they are all set?

    Thanks again for the tutorial

    1. Hi James,

      Yes I thought about this. It would be some simple custom CSS, but it would be a nice feature wouldn’t it?


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