VelocityPage video walkthrough: the new ‘drag and drop’ page layout WordPress plugin

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Do you have problems laying out your text and images in your WordPress pages? If so there is a new WordPress plugin called VelocityPage that you should take a look at.

It’s early stages for VelocityPage – the version we demo below is 0.9.2 –  but early impressions are really encouraging.

Here’s a quick video demo to show you how quick it is to build great looking layouts with VelocityPage.

From reading the comments on the VelocityPage website,  Mark Jaquith (lead developer) is already planning the following in future releases.

  1. Responsive support (currently the layouts are fluid)
  2. Support for reusable elements within blocks
  3. Oembed (currently VelocityPage supports video via embed code)
  4. Shortcode preview (currently shortcodes work but only when viewing front end when logged out)
  5. Adding widgets to content blocks
  6. Adjust spacing between elements e.g. blocks
  7. Reusable templates of pages that have been created


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  1. Hi Jamie, how does this compare to Visual Composer? What are the differences? I’m interested in this type of product and see VC is $100 less.

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