6 WordPress plugins, themes and services that we used to build Pootlepress

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#1 WordPress ThemeCanvas is our favorite theme from the wonderful Woothemes.
#2 Membership plugin –  We use Wishlist member to power the Pootlepress Academy – the ‘members only’ area of our website.
#3 Email newsletters – We use Mailchimp for our email newsletters – it’s very simple to set up and use and very very powerful.
#4 Vimeo – We use Vimeo Pro for our video tutorials on the Academy. Vimeo Pro let’s you define which websites you video content gets shown on – so it’s ideal for ‘paid for content’.
#5 AkismetAkismet will stop any spam from appearing on your website.
#6 VaultpressVaultpress backs up all our content and makes it easy for us to sleep at night 🙂

What components we used to build Pootlepress


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