If you are in a ‘low, dark and damp place’ with your website, then Pootlepress can help!

It’s always great to get positive feedback from attendees of our ‘Learn WordPress in 1 day‘ training course and I just love the email I received last week from DR. Ramesh Mehay after attending our Manchester training course.  It is a common sentiment from many of our attendees that WordPress is super easy to build websites and Ramesh sums it up beautifully.


“First of all, thanks for a very hands on interactive and dynamic course. I was in a low, dark and damp place at the thought of switching my website over to WordPress (even though I know it offers much wider and creative functionality). I remember the hassle of reconfiguring it from FrontPage to Dreamweaver in the years gone by – and that was a horrible process. But I am glad to see how easy it will be with WP. You’ve pulled me out of that dark place into a bright sunny room. I am actually looking forward to working on it in the New Year (I almost feel as if I can’t wait – really!). So a huge thanks goes your way.”

DR. RAMESH MEHAY, Programme Director (Bradford GP Training Scheme, West Yorkshire)

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