How AI will Revolutionize WordPress in 2023

In the world of technology, predicting the future can be a dangerous game. However, it is also a fascinating exercise to imagine what the next few years might bring. This article takes a look at the top 10 predictions for the impact of AI on WordPress in 2023. The predictions are based on the opinions of experts and influencers in the field, as well as my own thoughts and insights. Here are the top 10 predictions, in no particular order:

The Emergence of a New Job Role: Prompt Engineer

In 2023, the technology industry is set to see the emergence of a new job role, the Prompt Engineer. This exciting new role will require individuals to have an in-depth understanding of AI tools and how to input content to get the best outputs. Brands and companies across the world will be on the lookout for talented individuals who can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology.

Auto Gutenberg Block Pattern Generator

With the rise of AI, new tools are being developed that will revolutionize the way websites are designed. One such tool is the Auto Block Pattern Generator. This tool allows users to feed an external website domain name and automatically generate the block patterns for that design. The generated block patterns can then be easily downloaded, saving designers time and effort while improving the overall design quality.

AI Page Improver

Another tool set to make waves in the world of website design is the AI Page Improver. This tool integrates with existing website builders like WordPress and provides a button on the side of the edit screen that says “improve my page”. When clicked, the tool will analyze the whole page and suggest improvements to the copy, images, and overall layout. This will greatly improve the user experience for website visitors and help brands to stand out from the competition.

Intelligent AI Bots

Intelligent AI bots will be everywhere in 2023, providing new and exciting opportunities for personalization and customization. These bots can be trained by users, making them adaptable to individual needs and preferences. Whether it’s providing personalized recommendations or automating tedious tasks, these bots will play an important role in the future of technology.

Automated Featured Image Generator

One of the most time-consuming tasks for website owners is creating featured images for their posts. In 2023, this will change with the advent of the Automated Featured Image Generator. This AI tool will be able to scan the content of a post and automatically generate a featured image that matches the subject matter. This will save website owners time and effort while also improving the overall user experience.

Debugging Code with AI

Developers will be able to write and debug code using AI in 2023, taking this process to a whole new level. The AI algorithms will be able to identify and fix errors in code, reducing the time and effort required to find and fix bugs. This will result in a more efficient and effective development process.

Personalized Content

Websites will be able to personalize the content they display to visitors based on the consumer’s experience and interactions. AI algorithms will analyze data about the visitor and use this information to display relevant and personalized content. This will result in a more enjoyable user experience and help to improve engagement and conversions.

Whole Block Patterns and Page Layouts

Nick Diego predicts that users will be able to create whole block patterns and page layouts using AI in 2023. Over time, this technology will develop to the point where whole websites can be created using AI. This will greatly improve the speed and efficiency of the website development process.

Improving WooCommerce Product Descriptions

WooCommerce is a popular e-commerce platform, and in 2023, users will be able to use AI to improve product descriptions site-wide. This will make it easier for e-commerce businesses to provide accurate and descriptive information about their products, resulting in a better user experience and increased conversions.

Improving Meta Descriptions Site-Wide

In 2023, users will also be able to use AI to improve meta descriptions site-wide. This will help website owners to optimize their content for search engines, resulting in improved search engine rankings and increased organic


The impact of AI on WordPress in 2023 is set to be significant. From new job roles to improved user experiences and smarter, more personalized websites, the next few years are sure to bring many exciting changes to the WordPress ecosystem.

Of course, there may be negative consequences too, such as a decrease in demand for developers and freelancers, or the homogenization of content, products, and services. Nevertheless, the opportunities that come with AI are sure to outweigh the challenges, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

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