Try out (the all new) pootle page builder [in beta]

We have just released our new flagship product – pootle page builder – in beta. If you didn’t see the sneak preview video, then check it out.

A few notes before you get stuck in:

1. This is the very first beta version and while we have tested it as much as we can internally, please do expect some bugs and issues. That is what releasing in beta is about.

2. Therefore we strongly recommend not using pootle page builder on live sites until it is out of beta (this is when it reaches version 1.0). We can’t force this upon you, so it is just our advice!

3. Please report any bugs, issues or suggestions to either Nick or Jamie directly by email (our emails are simply ‘nick’ or ‘jamie’

4. We’ll be pushing out updates frequently so please check the plugin is up to date before you report any bugs.

Download it now for free from


13 responses to “Try out (the all new) pootle page builder [in beta]”

  1. Scott Avatar

    Congrats on getting the plugin approved by WordPress. I was wondering if you guys have templates on the road map for this product. I enjoy have a starting point for webpages and templates similar to OptimizePress would be awesome for page builder. It would also be an easy way to showcase the cooler features of pootle page builder without the user having to build it step by step. Some templates would require addons and thus and upsell opportunity :-). Good luck with the beta.

    1. Hi Scott, thanks for the feedback! I agree about the templates approach and have used OptimizePress before (and personally think the pootle page builder interface would do templates better). My hesitation is wether this should be a feature in core or whether it should be an addon (it could be a free add-on). Or whether it is both. Some templates in core and some more offered as add-ons. That’s what we will need to think about. Thanks for the feedback. REALLY useful!

      1. Nick, thanks for the reply. I’m glad you guys are thinking hard about how to implement templates. Free templates may help your plugin become viral. Having add-on products to enhance the features of the plugin makes templates a little more complicated to roll out. Good rolling solving the template puzzle. As a current academy member I know you guys are gooing to hit a home run.

  2. Hi,

    I tried submitting a email but did not hear back. Is this basically the same as the canvas page builder? Could you explain the differences to me. It looks to be the same for the most part?


    1. Hi Matt, really sorry, we did receive your email so it must have fallen between the cracks… I have written an article on our docs site as it might be useful for other customers. Thanks! Nick

  3. Julia Morgan Avatar
    Julia Morgan

    Waaaaah. Fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM, expecting ‘)’ in /home/content/35/8176035/html/homeschoolspeakersleague/wphsl/wp-content/plugins/pootle-page-builder/inc/class-abstract.php on line 21

    I have no idea what this means or what to do. Help, please.

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      HI Julia,

      This is caused by the version of php your server is running. We are working on a fix that will be rolled out next week.

      Many thanks for trying the beta,


  4. Kirsty Young Avatar
    Kirsty Young

    Enjoying playing with this – as someone coming from Weebly’s interface, this really helps ease the transition!

    1. Thanks Kirsty! Any problems, please let us know!

  5. beate73 Avatar

    I checked the preview video, and when you guys said the words “photography” and “portfolio” I was sold. I’m always looking for the perfect solution for me and my photographer needs. I already use and love Pagebuilder for Canvas, and this new and improved Pootlepress Pagebuilder sounds like a dream come true. What I love the most about Pagebuilder is the freedom it gives me to do things my way instead of being stuck in a pre-programmed layout that can barely be tweaked. Woothemes tried to make a few themes for photographer, but they never quite go there, so thi new Pootlepress Pagebuilder truly is exciting news. πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks beate73! This is great encouragement to us! We will try and push out some previews of the portfolio and photography add ons over the summer.

  6. Justin Avatar

    Hi Guys,

    Did you mention there would be a liberation plugin to help transition to the beta? Any idea on when that will be out?

    Love your plugins!


    1. Hi Justin – ‘liberation’ plugin – love that! It will not be out for a few weeks yet as we’d like to get pootle page builder out of beta first so we know what we’re dealing with…

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