7 new features: Canvas Page Customizer 1.3 released

This morning we have released a significant update to Page Customizer for WooThemes Canvas.

As well as some tweaks and bug fixes we have also introduced the following new features:

1. Hide header in mobile view

Sometimes in mobile view you want to get straight to the point. This enhancement takes out the header in mobile view allowing you to show off your content more immediately.

2. Header and full with header color options per page

You can now set different colored headers and full width headers per page. Go color!

3. Remove header image option per page

You can now remove header images (be it standard header or full width header) per page.

4. Hide logo/site title from mobile option

Under the mobile tab on each page and in Canvas theme settings you can now hide the logo and site title from mobile. This will be important for the next release of mobile menu manager which will allow you to have a logo in the mobile navbar!

5. Hide header area option

As well as hiding the logo and navigation, you can now hide the whole header area in desktop. A lot of you were asking for this one.

6. Remove primary nav bottom margin per page option

Often (especially if you hide the title from a page using Page Customizer) you will get an annoying gap. This is caused by the bottom margin of the primary navigation. You can now remove this margin per page. Easy.

7. ‘Keep content to site width’ option for Page Builder widgets

This is a really important when using full width pages in Canvas Page Builder. It will allow you to have full width rows, but keep the content inside those rows to the width of your site. A very simple, but very effective option.

A note on upgrades licences and pricing

If you have already purchased Page Customizer then this is a free upgrade. You will get a notification in WordPress for the upgrade or you can get it from your PootlePress account.

We have also updated the licence for Page Customizer to have three tiers, based on feedback and adjusted the pricing. This will only effect those that have not purchased it yet. We will be doing this for all the extensions soon as well as launching a Canvas Extensions Pro Package that will get you access to all the 25 site licence of all Canvas Extensions for a discounted price. Those who have already purchased Page Customizer will stay on the original price and licence for as long as they renew.

Any queries about this, please contact support.

So there you have it. Keep on Pootling!


4 responses to “7 new features: Canvas Page Customizer 1.3 released”

  1. I LOVE Customizer and, together with Page Builder, I am able to actually run a website that looks professional, update it, redesign it easily, and pretty much just get to have fun with a website! I am a physical security professional but with these tools I am able to pretend to be a website guru!

    There is one feature that I would like to see in Customizer though….I would like to be able to create a totally custom page within a site that has the boxed layout style enabled in the Canvas settings. If Customizer had an option to turn off the boxed layout style on selected pages, it would allow total control of the layout of individual pages!

  2. Hi there! Can I use this to remove the navigation from one page in Canvas? Thanks!

    1. Jamie Marsland Avatar
      Jamie Marsland

      Yes you can 🙂

  3. Meg McCarthy Avatar
    Meg McCarthy

    Hey there, I can’t download this. Every link I find gives me a 404 error.

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