Awesome Icons for your WooThemes Canvas Menus

Font Awesome Menus has now been included as a feature inside Menu Customizer! Therefore it is no longer for sale.

Being a small company run by a couple of British guys, we often debate the overuse of the word ‘awesome’. To us it sounds very American (nothing wrong with that) and it seems as though every web company has adopted it. However, in England we use words like spiffing, mustard and jolly good – or if you’re a bit younger: wicked, mental or sick… ; )

With this new Canvas Extension we feel it’s ok to use the word Awesome… because well, it is Awesome!

Font Awesome is a spiffing : ) icon library and the Font Awesome Menus Canvas Extension makes your menus stand out with these beautiful icons that you can customise in hundreds of different ways. It works with primary navigation (including sub-menus), top nav, custom menu widget and mobile menu.

Check out the video walk-through and let us know what you think in the comments below!

p.s. We also want to give a shout out to Billy Ryan at PixelLeverage for his suggestion on our ideas board that made us start playing more and more with Font Awesome Icon ideas.

Font Awesome Menus has now been included as a feature inside Menu Customizer! Therefore it is no longer for sale. Check out Menu Customizer for Canvas.


5 responses to “Awesome Icons for your WooThemes Canvas Menus”

  1. This extension does not appear to be compatible with the ‘Papple menu’ product, any ideas?

    1. Hi Neil, we have decided not to make Papple Menu compatible with Font Awesome Menus (for now).

      Papple was designed as a fun stand-alone menu to work just like We wanted to keep the price low and to do this we can’t make it do everything.

      If lots of customers said that they wanted this feature we would consider it, but at the moment you are the first and only person to ask for it.

      I have log it on our public ideas board so you can vote for it here:

      We have updated the product page to make all compatibility issues clear (something we will role out on all our Canvas Extensions now too)

      We would be more than happy to offer you a refund in the meantime. If this is the case, please email

      Any thoughts welcome.


  2. I bought this a few hours ago and can’t get it to do what it says it does. IM pretty frustrated. Am I missing a step because I followed your video

    1. Hi Brandon, sure it’s something simple. We don’t provide support in the blog comments, but your purchase comes with a year’s email support – please email with as much detail about what you think is wrong.

      Thanks! Nick

  3. HI I just bought it and it’s working well with canvas 5.6.4, but the icons don’t seem work with the new 5.7.0 – so looks like they’ve gone and changed something on you. 🙁 But it’s not a biggy for now.

    The only thing I wondered is is there a way to have one icon, on one menu item with no label, but with the other items as just normal text labels? say the home as an Icon only, and all the others just normal text. Perhaps this is a feature request? or can you offer a work round or a for now? basically I really like it though. Well done!

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