The Pootlepress Academy now has 400 members!

[twitter style=”horizontal” float=”left”] [fblike style=”standard” float=”left” showfaces=”false” width=”450″ verb=”like” font=”arial”] [pinterest count=”horizontal” float=”left”][google_plusone size=”standard” float=”left” annotation=”none” language=”English (UK)”][divider_flat]Yesterday the 400th member joined the Pootlepress Academy.  New members are now signing up at a rate of over 50 a month, and are joining from all round the world. It’s incredibly exciting to see the Academy growing at such a rate, and even more gratifying to get such great feedback from our members.

Academy feedback
We are very proud of the fantastic testimonials we get from our members, and here are two we have received in the last week.

Summer Calloway

“Just a note to let you know what a Great teacher you are. I’ve seen like many WordPress videos, but you have taught me the most. Why?

1. Your videos are target and to the point.
2. Real world examples and not just academic.
3. You teach nuances that only someone with inside knowledge knows.
4. And you have a gift for teaching.

I’ve picked up more info from you in a few short days of my membership to the Pootlepress Academy than I have anywhere else. And I have subscriptions to all the leading online teaching sites. ie:,, tuspremium, and a few others.You have been a great value to me. I’m from the US so its different listening to an English accent. But yours is easy to understand.”
Summer Calloway


A El-Hani
“The internet is an ocean of information on WordPress, but you can narrow it all down to just one place where you can find structured, organized and what really just works in one place, Pootlepress… The information presented on videos is very precise and worth every penny of the yearly membership.. It’s just like having your own private library on ‘ WordPress how to ‘, that keeps growing. I thoroughly recommend it.”

A El-Hani


We’ve now got over 8 hours of WordPress Video tutorials on the Academy. We are adding new tutorials every month and have also got some exciting plans in the pipeline to further help Academy members over the next couple of months (but more of those in a future post)

Pootlepress Academy WordPress Tutorials 

1) WordPress Essentials (16 videos, 1 hour)
2) How to add a Forum (2 videos, 10 mins)
3) How to build an Online Shop (13 videos, 1 hour)
4) Canvas Theme masterclass (17 videos, 55 mins)
5) Whitelight Theme tutorial (9 videos, 42 mins)
6) How to build a Business Directory with WordPress (13 videos, 30 mins)
7) SEO and WordPress (6 videos, 31 mins)
8) PhotoNote Photography Theme tutorial (9 videos, 20 mins)
9) WooDojo Plugin tutorial (10 videos, 20 minutes)
10) WooSlider Plugin tutorial (4 videos, 12 minutes)
11) Hustle Theme tutorial (11, videos, 28 minutes)
12) Function Theme tutorial (11 videos, 30 minutes)
13) Sensei e-learning Plugin tutorial (3 videos, 15 minutes)
14) Photocrati photography Theme tutorial (7 videos, 20 minutes)
15) Buddypress tutorial (11 videos, 25 minutes)
16) SimpleKey Theme tutorial (15 videos, 35 minutes)
17) The One Pager Theme tutorial (15 videos, 35 minutes)

The Academy costs just £49 per year ($75 US Dollars) to join, and this gives members all the Video Tutorials, plus access to the ‘members only’ support forum where they can ask questions, if they get stuck. [button link=”” bg_color=”orange”]Click here for more information[/button]