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Customer showcase: Artist Judith Yarrow

Judith Yarrow - artist

Judith Yarrow

Judith Yarrow creates beautiful art. She has exhibited widely and her paintings are in collections in the UK and abroad.

Her new website was built on a WordPress Xpress day. This is where we build you a website and train you how to update it – all in 1 day.  Judith wanted a really clean and minimal look to her new website.

Judith also wanted e-commerce functionality so that she could sell cards and prints of her work.

Judith’s previous website (not WordPress) had been hacked so getting the new website up and running as quickly as possible was very important.

It’s really great to have a positive, fully functioning and secure website back up and running and to be able to put the hacking episode behind me so I can move forward with my paintings.
Judith Yarrow

Here are some screenshots of Judith’s new website

Judith Yarrow - home page

Home page

Gallery page

Gallery page

Light box

Light box


E-commerce page

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