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Build Awesome WooCommerce Product Pages using the WordPress Block Editor

WooBuilder Blocks is a plugin that gives you total freedom to design the WooCommerce Product Page any way you like.

Create stunning Product Pages in just a few minutes

How does WooBuilder Blocks work?

WooBuilder Blocks makes it easy to create any design for your WooCommerce Product Pages. Work directly in the Block Editor with an interface you are already familiar with and no requirement for an external and slow Page Builder. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to create awesome Product Pages that increase your sales.

It takes just 3 simple steps…


Use the Block Editor

WooBuilder Blocks lets you use the Gutenberg Block Editor to create your custom WooCommerce Product Page designs.

woobuilder layouts


Design your page using Blocks

We’ve built all the blocks that you need so can design the Product Page in any way you like. Each Block can be customized. We’ve also built additional sales-boosting Blocks.


Marvel at your finished Page

Once you’ve finished your Product Page design, you have the option to create Templates that can be applied to multiple products.

WooBuilder Blocks – Recommended by Chris Lema

‘If I had to point you to only one repository of Gutenberg blocks for your WooCommerce Product Page, it would have to be WooBuilder Blocks. These blocks let you design the product page from scratch, or use one of your own templates, or choose from one of theirs. Once you realize that you can create any product page you want, there’s really only one thing left. It’s now your turn to create anything you can imagine.’

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Chris Lema

Key Feature List

WooBuilder Blocks is the most customizable way to build your WooCommerce Product Pages.

Easy Designer

WooBuilder Blocks lets you design the entire Product Page using the Gutenberg Block Editor. Create any Layout, choose which Blocks to add, change the Page background, and hide the sidebar, header or footer.

WooBuilder Blocks also comes with Custom ‘Thank You’ Pages, Custom ‘Out of Stock’ messages, Custom ‘Add to Cart Buttons’ and Catalog Mode,

Product Types

WooBuilder Blocks supports all WooCommerce Product Types, including Standard, Variable, Grouped, and Virtual Products.

WooBuilder Blocks also supports WooCommerce Extensions, including Product Add-Ons, Composite Products, and third-party extensions e.g plugins from iconicwp.com


WooBuilder Blocks makes it easy to create Templates from your Designs that can then be applied to multiple Products.

WooBuilder Blocks also comes with Pre-designed Templates that you can apply with 1 Click.

Extra Blocks

WooBuilder Blocks comes with Sales Boosting Blocks, including a Sales Countdown Block, a Stock Countdown Block, and a A/B Split Testing Block.

You can also use any 3rd Party Gutenberg Blocks with WooBuilder Blocks.



As a professional web developer and using WooCommerce with many client’s websites, the styling of WooCommerce product pages is heavily reliant on the theme that you use. Many themes don’t have much flexibility as far as design for product pages. I can tell you, the WooBuilder Blocks plugins is worth every penny and is by far, the very best WooCommerce product page styling tool I have ever seen. In less than an hour including a short learning curve to learn the new plugin, I had a new product up and running that looks stunning on the website. The drag and drop ease of this plugin and all of the new features are the very best solution I have ever found PERIOD. Compliments to the developers of this outstanding program. Try it.. You’ll LOVE IT

Rich – Developer


I’ve been waiting for something like this for ages. I’ve spent hours trying to do what this does in no time at all. I’ve used the other plugins from pootlepress and been very happy and this one is no different. Well worth every penny and I would definitely recommend without question.

Stuart Morley


Jamie was extremely fast offering support to the issue I had in my website. App extremely useful too – specially for who’s just starting at e-commerce and using tools like WooCommerce. Highly recommend! :)

Mary Khoury


It is so flexible and the results is awsome! Love this plugin for his multiple posibilities like one product landing page. Thank you!

Ionescu Catalin


Great Product and great communication

Colm Gurnett


I’ve been waiting for something like It’s very simple to use, the support is reactive and effective

Wanda Vachon

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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied within 14 days of purchase, just reach out to our support team and we’ll provide a full refund!

Frequently asked questions

  • Does WooBuilder work on all themes
    Yes it does
  • Does WooBuilder Blocks support different WooCommerce Product Types?
    Yes WooBuilder supports all WooCommere Product Types, including Variable Products and Grouped Products.
  • Does WooBuilder Blocks work with other WooCommerce extensions and plugins?
    Yes WooBuilder Blocks works with the offical WooCommerce Extensions including Product Add Ons, and Composite Products. We also support third party plugins, including those from iconicwp.com.
  • Can I cancel my payment at any time?
    Yes you can. The licence gives you access to one years support and updates. You can cancel and WooBuilder will still be active, however you won’t get updates and support in year two.
  • Does a licence include a development licence?
    Yes a licence includes one development licence so you can run WooBuilder on your development site.
  • Does WooBuilder require the Gutenberg Editor?
    Yes it does
  • What is your refund policy?
    We offer a 14 day refund if you are not happy for whatever reason :)
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