Here’s what our clients are saying about us

Here's what our clients are saying about us 1Jason Capra, Board Account Director, AMV BBDO
Great guy and great teacher. I would highly recommend Jamie’s Pootlepress One Day Training Day course. It was comprehensive, informative and great value for money. I came away from the day having learnt invaluable skills taking me from a relative beginner to building my own website, all in one day. Thank you again Jamie.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 2Hugo Mabbott – C&M consultants
Pootlepress has provided invaluable help and expertise with building a website with very specific requirements on wordpress – they are able to assist and make easy even the most daunting of tasks and enabled me to be proficient with wordpress in a very short space of time. I am incredibly grateful for the training and support i have received from Pootlepress and i continue to consult with them about any ongoing issues i have – a fantastic all round service.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 3Oscar Monteiro, IT Programme Office Manager, Hackney Borough Council
Recently completed Jamie’s WordPress 1 day course. It blew my mind – and I’ve been in IT all my professional life. I was amazed at what WordPress is capable of – within minutes we were creating websites! Jamie is an excellent teacher; his friendly approach and encyclopedic knowledge really helps his students learn.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 4John Davy – Managing Director, Jongleurs Comedy Clubs
Jamie is an absolute star in WordPress training, he is patient and a real expert. In one days training I had a fully functional beautiful WordPress site..Book him, he is a real WordPress pro


Here's what our clients are saying about us 5Steve White, Police Inspectors Rep, Police Federation
Pootlepress shows just how easy managing and building a website can now be.  Manageable knowledge  yet a huge amount of website power is the end result of the one day course. Money very well spent in my view giving me the ability to comprehensively manage a site but also giving me the tools and ability to build a new one from scratch.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 6Tally Wade, Editor,  Western Horse UK
Pretty much everything I needed to know to get a professional, optimised and money earning web presence in less than six hours[/highlight]. I have spent thousands on websites in the past and had no idea that with WordPress, and some good coaching, I could be the master of my own online universe. Thanks Jamie.


Louise Lee – Owner,  Mason and Lee
Thank you Jamie for an amazingly productive day.  I arrived with a heap of paper and electronic files and magically during the course of the day it was transformed into a website that looked fab, and more importantly the team can update and is extremely easy to use.  After years of very frustrating software and expensive fees the ‘what you NEED to know’ and ‘this is HOW to do it’ approach was fantastic.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 7Sherm Cohen – Disney and SpongeBob Storyboard Artist
Thank you SOOO much for making the Whitelight videos…they totally solved every question I had. I followed along step by step, and after a little while I had gotten my entire site set up! You saved me so much time and made things so easy…I don’t know how to thank you enough. I think it’s quite safe to say that I would never ever figured out how to get all those Woo-Component steps done unless you walked me through it and showed me exactly what to do.

Whitelight is so much more complicated than Headlines was…so I even though I had built WordPress blogs before, I found myself completely lost with this new theme (but Whitlelight is so great I just had to use it!). The WooThemes tutorials were no help at all because they’re so general, and Whitelight has about a million special tricks. Now that WordPress and Woo Framework are getting more and more sophisticated, I’ll definitely profit from watching all your other WordPress video tutorials, too.”


Here's what our clients are saying about us 8Peter Cliffe, Quality Assurance Manager, Unilever PLC
Thank you for the WordPress course,  it was excellent. I looked at various other companies offering similar courses, but I chose Pootlepress because of Jamie’s background and experience in the industry. My choice was well-founded as Jamie was able to add value beyond the basic training by recommending plug-ins based upon real experience, suggest themes and explain how to optimise Google ranking amongst other things. Excellent value, and great professionalism.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 9Gavin Barker, Information Officer, Southampton City Council
Like many people in local government, the Big Society agenda and the rapid rise of social media presented me with a pressing need to develop the skills and understanding to ride this new wave. WordPress kept coming up as a widely used tool for both blogging and website development. I felt that Jamie delivered exactly what I wanted; he didnt just show you what could be done; with his guidance you actually went ahead and built a basic website in a day. If you want an intensive, hands-on one day course that gives you the grounding to build a credible social networking website- this is it.


Jo Potter – Owner
I am absolutely delighted with the very professional-looking website that Jamie managed to produce in one day!  I also had the opportunity to develop my own skill set to enable me to maintain the website myself.  The perfect solution if you are a start-up business looking for an efficient and cost-effective e-commerce solution.  Would highly recommend!


Gavin Elkins
I couldn’t believe my luck when I Googled WordPress training and it came up with Jamie and Pootlepress in Cheltenham. Having grown up in the area, it was a pleasure to return to familiar surroundings.

Having designed many websites for high-profile clients, up until now I have not been able to actually build them myself! Jamie gave me the knowledge to do this, for which I am extremely grateful. All in a relaxed and friendly environment.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 10Stephanie Sinclaire Lightsmith
It was great working with Jamie to build the site for Sea Star Studio, which we are delighted with. He is extremely skilled, knowledgeable and quick, but the big bonus was his impeccable design sense which helped achieve such a good result.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 11Meredith Mullooly
After working as a photographer for more then 10 years I finally have a website. I thought of websites as expensive, confusing to manage and riddled with gliches and bugs.

After learning about wordpress from a friend I decided to attend the Pootlepress 1 day wordpress course.

I walked into the workshop a complete novice 6 hours later I left confident that I could finally have a website!

I’m blown away by how simple it is to build and manage your own website using wordpress. A month later I completed a professional looking website that I can mantain myself without the expense, confusion and bugs.”


Here's what our clients are saying about us 12Kashmira Jhaveri, graphic designer, Ant Design Gifts
Being a graphic designer, I have the knowledge of design but only a basic knowledge on how to build a website. I have previously tested out various template based web packages and found them too restrictive.

When I heard that WordPress was a great platform in which to build websites, I got hold of some books and tried to teach myself. No success! So when I came across
Pootlepress I thought this is the best way in which to get to grips with teaching myself the workings of WordPress.

It was the best decision I made! In one day, I understood the framework on the workings of WordPress.

Jamie has a logical and systematic approach to teaching and this gave me the confidence to design
and create my website and blog. I now have a fully functioning site which I know I can develop as needs arise.

I would highly recommend Pootlepress – a cost effective way in which to set up your website quickly without
too much heartache!


Here's what our clients are saying about us 13Graham Ramage, Northedge Design
Coming from a traditional graphic design background I have dabbled with various HTML authoring packages but had never found one that would allow me to easily create websites that my clients could update for themselves.

After attending a 1 Day WordPress training courses with Jamie in Edinburgh I left with the knowledge of how to easily build and mange dynamic website utilising WordPress.

As my knowledge of WordPress and CSS increases I have been delighted with the quality of web sites I have been able to create.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 14Giles Brake, Head of Marketing, MSI Global Alliance (MSI)
Jamie’s crystal clear explanation of the nuts and bolts of WordPress provides novices and those who may have dabbled previously with the foundations and confidence they need to get a site up and running in no time. It really is possible to learn WordPress in a day, but you do need an expert with high level knowledge, and of course bags of patience. Jamie’s approach and course content makes him stand out in this field and leaves you chomping at the bit to get going with WordPress.


Zoe Maxwell
After putting off getting someone else to build a website for years, mainly because I couldn’t get my head around not being able to manage the content myself, learning how to use WordPress seemed like the answer. I feel very fortunate that I came across Pootlepress, followed my intuition and booked a one-day website building course with Jamie.  Jamie’s approach, support, knowledge and personality have made the whole process a joy. Leading up to the day he was on email to answer all my questions and recommend possible themes, the day was really fun not to mention productive – in a few hours I had a website I really liked and actually understood, and the follow-up support has been fantastic. I would recommend the course 100%. Thank you Jamie!




Feeling baffled after reading some WordPress guides I knew it would take me an age to get my blog to a state I would be happy with it.  Instead after googling WordPress training I came across Pootlepress and booked Jamie.  In less than 5 hours of arriving at my door my blog was up and running and looking fantastic.  Super patient and clear Jamie is a great teacher who has instilled confidence in me to be able to manage my own site competently and on my own.  Not being massively technically minded no question seemed too small or ignorant and Jamie has been a support ever since.  Would highly recommend if you want your website up and running and don’t want to get lost on the way!


Here's what our clients are saying about us 15Lucy Irving
Pootlepress is great! Not only can you do a one day course in wordpress. Jamie, will also come to your house and set up a website in less than a day at a very reasonable price. They had found a necessary gap in the market to help start up companies and individuals realise their dreams with wordpress.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 16Mark Sheasby
I am delighted with the blog I’ve set up using WordPress Xpress & the Pootlepress Academy. I am an IT dummy yet Jamie made it a pleasure to work on & I got going quickly & easily. I have a good working knowledge of WordPress as a result and can get on with blogging happily. I can’t believe how enjoyable and easy this all is; and good value to. The tutorials have been a real boon to refresh & develop my knowledge & they enable me to maintain & develop my blog quickly & at a very low cost. The Academy allows me to fire questions in and the responses are both prompt and helpful.
With Jamie & Pootlepress I have set up my blog just how I wanted for a few hundred pounds. This compares very well with the quotes I received for companies to do this for me, the cheapest being £4,500 with ongoing expenses to maintain and develop it further.  I can’t recommend WordPress Xpress & Pootlepress Academy too highly, it’s an excellent & cost effective solution to establishing your own blog / website.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 17Michael Mangroo
I have recently joined the Pootlepress Academy and worked my way through the 15 videos for tutorial 1
They are excellent and have helped me develop a basic website for my girlfriend’s driving school.


Kate Marshall – Archiloci Editor
If you want to turn business ideas into something visible, Jamie at Pootlpress would be the place to go.

You can take along your plans, sit beside him and watch whilst he builds it and within a few hours walk away with a great looking site.

It’s the best way to learn. When initially shortlisting, it was the support services that stood out. After meeting him, I can confirm that they are second to none.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 18Kevin Slowther – Managing Director A19 Insurance in Tyne and Wear
Within a few hours I managed to create the site. Now–for anyone else unsure on joining the Academy I am aged 54 with a little knowledge of WordPress. The video tutorials are easy to follow and understand. Ideal for who wants to work at their own pace!

Well done Jamie and the team.


Here's what our clients are saying about us 19Holly Tarquini – Bath Film Festival
What a great set of tutorials, easy to follow, clear explanations and useful visuals. This set really does take you through from ignorance to building a WordPress website – highly recommended!


Kevin Rodgers C.Psychol – Occupational Psychologist
The Academy is a great way to learn WordPress without trawling through pages and pages of information. Key points delivered in a logical and easy to access way that will get you up and running with wordpress in no time.


Wendy Ellyatt, Cheltenham Connect
Jamie has done a great job with our new Connect Streets website and we are looking forward to working with him on the revamp of our existing site. He thinks out of the box and comes up with solutions that help keep costs down and social creativity up!


Gabriella De Martino, Photographer
Thank you very much again, you really helped me! I won’t hesitate to contact you if I ever would need your services again and I will pass your contact to friends in need.


Andie Page – Designer
I thoroughly recommend Pootlepress WordPress Training. Through their clear and  comprehensive teaching methods I was able to understand, in just one day, the capabilities of WordPress and acquire the tools to build a WordPress site from scratch. Thank you enormously.


Mucha Murapa, Matrix Global Media
As a WordPress newbie starting on my own journey of creating sites for others, I cannot thank you enough for this great introduction of WordPress. Your course was very thorough, very informative and your hands-on approach made it so much easier to learn.


Gerry King, MD I-Netco Ltd
Many thanks for yesterday’s training, I needed to fast-track my WordPress skills and making the effort to get to Cheltenham from my base in Newcastle was well worth the effort. I now feel as though I have the skills I need to use WordPress in my business safe in the knowledge that I can access the follow up resources that you provide.


Pippa Davies, aka Mrs Motivator
Excellent WordPress seminar today @Pootlepress. Recommend: Jamie’s got guru level knowledge. Intend to dream of plug-ins tonight!


Peter Bourne
Thanks again for a great course; you covered off very interesting topics and looking forward to attacking WordPress with more confidence in the coming months.


Dan Parton, Editor
Pootlepress built our website to our specifications and beyond – it’s a great looking website and really enhances the brand.


Chris Hyde
I went to Jamie’s day course in Cheltenham, which really explained clearly the basics of WordPress.  After that I felt confident of being able to produce a very good website.  Since then I arranged to meet Jamie for one to one private training to learn more skills.  I not only had a really good time, I learnt loads and I will thoroughly recommend Jamie to anyone and will be using his skills again in the future.


Christine NuttallSmart Training Solutions
Thanks Jamie – an inspiring course. Really enjoyed it.


Jon Daniel, Executive Creative Director
The course was informative and great value for money. I look forward to receiving the supporting materials you went through today and will happily recommend you to others I come across in the future.


Steve Massey,
Jamie is likeable and a natural teacher with enthusiasm for his subject.  His answers to various questions were always full and honest, and he had plenty of helpful anecdotes from years of experience in the marketing and IT worlds. There were novices and experienced web designers on the training and we all came away excited and ready to start work with WordPress.


Jez Butler,  Boum
The course was engaging throughout, bringing together WordPress essentials, exciting functionality and universal web issues such as content quality/structure, accessibility and search engine optimisation… all at a bargain price! Thanks Jamie.


Gaz Nash, Graphic Designer,
I was looking for a practical WordPress tutorial – I found Pootlepress! PootlePress offer a in-depth and comprehensive WordPress tuition service in just one day. The hands on approach helps you learn WordPress whilst being tutored simultaneously. I am now able to update and maintain my clients WordPress sites as and when needed.


Laurence Hale – Marketing Consultant
Having managed the content of a number of WordPress websites I thought it high time that I learnt how to build one.  Having googled ‘WordPress training’ I found Pootlepress right on my doorstep. I have just completed the one day introductory course and was blown away. Jamie’s excellent tuition has enabled me to build my very first professional looking and performing website with ease.  This course is a must for any non-technical person wanting to master the power of WordPress.


Jason Gardner, Fuse
From the get go Jamie worked hard to get me up to speed with handling WordPress. A really enjoyable and worthwhile day that’s really helped me promote my business.


Gina Gibson
Just wanted to say I thought the course was brilliant! I really got a lot out of it. It was very informative and hands-on, with a great relaxed atmosphere. It was the best course I’ve ever been to (really!:) – and the first web design course where I actually got a web site at the end of it!Web courses often promise so much and deliver very little – this was the opposite. Thanks so much!


Ray Hart, Director, OLM-FM
Pootlepress designed and implemented an excellent website for my company. We had document content all over the place and over a number of weeks they worked patiently with us to turn this into something professional. Would recommend the training, I am my own editor now!


Marie Leverett, Social Media Manager
I found the course really empowering and exciting. I can’t believe the mysterious world of web-building can be so straightforward, fun and creative. I’m starting a new business and was attracted to the course because it sounded like a good way to enable me to build my own professional looking website after just one day of tuition. I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks Pootlepress.



Holly Tarquini – Coordinator
, Bath Film Festival
I have just returned from Jamie’s “Learn WordPress in a Day” course and am buzzing. Jamie was really good at explaining the day and what we would learn when. He made sure that everyone was keeping up and that there was plenty of time for questions at each stage. The course was amazingly helpful – I had no idea that I could learn that much about WordPress in such a short amount of time. It was a really empowering day: I arrived knowing nothing and left feeling confident enough to build a website.


Jo Shuttleworth – Commercial Director, Imagine Africa
Being successful at selling tailor-made luxury holidays in the UK, we wanted to see if we could replicate this in the US market. To do this we needed a website specifically to test the market. Web designers costs were coming in at around £7-10k for the most basic site. And then we found Pootlepress. With one day of one-to-one training, we were able to set-up a new website for our US market.

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