Beginners SEO course

Beginners SEO course 1

Do you want to learn how to rank higher on Google?

My beginners SEO course is great if you want to understand how you can improve your rankings in Google and drive more traffic to your website.

I’m running two courses in the next few months, on the 30th May, 2023 and 20th June. The courses run from 5pm to 7pm (UK time). The SEO course costs £75 + vat per person. All attendees receive a full video recording of the course.

May 30th – 5pm to 7pm UK timeSOLD OUT
June 20th – 5pm to 7pm UK timeSOLD OUT
October 16th – 5pm to 7pm UK time5 places

Beginners SEO course agenda

The basics

  • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Why is Google so important
  • Understanding the Google search results page (SERPs)
  • How Google ranks your website
  • The importance of keywords
  • What are rich snippets and how you can use them
  • How SEO is changing

Keyword Planning

  • How to research what keywords you should use
  • How to measure your potential search traffic for your keywords
  • How to find out what search traffic your competitors are getting
  • What is Long tail search and why it’s important for you
  • How you can use blog posts to drive traffic to your website

How to SEO your website

  • How to SEO your website
  • How to optimise your content
  • Using Page titles
  • Using Heading tags
  • What are Meta descriptions, why they are important and how to add them
  • How to use internal links to tell Google what content is important
  • How to optimise images and video
  • Ai and SEO
  • How to add rich snippets to your pages
  • What is cornerstone content
  • How to do offsite SEO
  • How to use Yoast SEO plugin
  • How to use Rank Math SEO plugin
  • How to make sure your website loads quickly for visitors
  • The two best WordPress SEO plugins and how to use them on your website

Measuring SEO success

  • How to make sure your website is working ok for Google
  • How to set up Google Search Console so you can check for search errors
  • How to set up Google Analytics so that you can track your traffic
  • How to measure page speed and why it’s important
  • How to check whether your website is mobile friendly

What previous attendees say about the SEO course

Saba reached number one ranking in the Google search results for her keywords 😀

Frequently asked questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine optimisation. It’s the method on how you get better rankings for your website pages in search engines like Google. Better rankings means you get more traffic.

Is the SEO course technical?

Nope don’t worry. I’ll explain everything in simple terms so that you’ll understand how Google works, how it ranks websites and how you can make your website pages rank better.

Shouldn't I just outsource my SEO?

In my experience you’ll get better results if you do this yourself. Even if you do decide to outsource your SEO it makes sense to understand the key principles behind it.

Course summary

SEO for beginners course

How to rank higher in Google
How to get more traffic from Google
Understand the fundamentals of how Search Engines work
What are keywords
Learn how to research what keywords you should use
Learn how to track your keyword ranking in Google
Learn what keywords your competitors are ranking for , and how much traffic they are getting
Learn how to outrank your competitors
A practical plan on how to put together your content marketing plan
Common mistakes to avoid

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