WooCommerce course

How to create your own online shop

This 3 hour course is live and interactive via zoom and is run by me (Jamie)

My 1 day training course will teach you how to add ecommerce to your website using WooCommerce.

With a little knowledge and training you can now set up your own online store. No coding or technical knowledge is needed. As long as you can use a computer you will be able to build your own online store!

What you will learn

  • How to create an online store with WooCommerce
  • How to sell products online
  • Taking payments
  • How to change the design of your store
  • Understand reporting
  • How to SEO your store
  • Fully understand how to change every element of your store


WooCommerce introduction

  • A brief overview of why WooCommerce is now the World’s leading ecommerce framework for websites.
  • A quick explanation of key WooCommerce terms – e.g themes, extensions.

How to install and set up WooCommerce correctly

  • How install WooCommerce
  • How to set up your store
  • How to configure your key shop pages  – e.g shop, my account, checkout
  • Some key system settings to check so that your store will run smoothly

How to add products to your store

  • How to set up and sell physical products – e.g shoes
  • How to set up and sell virtual products – e.g ebooks, subscriptions
  • How to set up product variations – e.g size, colour
  • How to set up grouped products
  • How to set up product galleries
  • How to categorise products
  • How to order products on your catalogue pages
  • How to set up sales on products
  • How to offer coupon discounts on products
  • How to set up featured products
  • How to monitor and moderate product reviews
  • How to set up related products
  • How to cross sell products

How to design your store

  • How to configure the front page
  • How to configure your catalogue pages
  • How to use WooCommerce shortcodes to add products to posts and pages
  • How to make sure your product images are the correct resolution – i.e not fuzzy
  • How to choose a good theme for your ecommerce WordPress website
  • How to add WooCommerce widgets to your store

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation and WooCommerce

  • How to ensure your store is optimised for Google
  • How to add social sharing options to your store

 How to set up your payment options

  • How to configure your store payment options – e.g credit card, bacs, cheque
  • How to configure your store payment gateway – e.g linking your store to your Paypal account
  • How to use Paypal xpress
  • How to test orders with Paypal sandbox
  • How to optimise the checkout process so you get more sales

How to set up shipping costs

  • How to create prices for shipping
  • How to set up free shipping based on value
  • How to set up local and international shipping

WooCommerce reports and accounting

  • An explanation of key WooCommerce reports
  • How to manage orders
  • How to create reports
  • How to link your store to your Accounting software

WooCommerce extensions

  • An explanation of WooCommerce extensions
  • A look at 5 of the best WooCommerce extensions

Book your place (£125 per person)

Payment is via Paypal – please note, you can pay as guest via paypal with any credit or debit card.