Introducing WooCommerce Builder

Below are some videos that show you the unique and limitless layout possibilities that you’ll now have with WooCommerce Builder.
You can use Page Builder Pro to either use it to customize your individual products or your shop pages.

Note: WooCommerce Builder is a module that comes with Pootle Pagebuilder Pro. 

How to customize individual products


Create reusable templates for single product layouts

How to customize your shop pages

WooCommerce Builder installation instructions

WooCommerce Builder is a free module for Pootle PageBuilder Pro.

Go to Dashboard / Pagebuilder / Modules

  1. Activate WooCommerce Builder (shop pages). This needs to be active for WooCommerce Builder (Products) to work
  2. Install and activate WooCommerce Builder (Products). This will appear as WooBuilder in your list of plugins
  3. Start building beautiful WooCommerce Products.

WooCommerce Builder installation

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