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    Hi Jamie
    I have a mental hurdle to get over before adding products to my shop (which will be photographic prints in various formats)
    I have canvas commerce, canvas and woocommerce plugin and the auto generated shop pages loaded.
    I do understand that the shop page is the archive for all products which are categorised posts. I’ve followed your excellent tutorial.

    My problem is;

    I don’t want customers to be able to see the price, description and add cart button when they go to ‘shop’. I do want them to just see all the photographic images in one big portfolio or gallery on their own

    I don’t want customers to be able to see the price, description and add cart button when they navigate to a shop category either (framed prints for example), just the images within that framed prints category.

    So, the first I want a customer to see the price, variable sizes, description and add to cart is when they have clicked on an image within a category.

    If you ignore the layout here the best example of what I’m trying to do is this shopify theme, please take a look and click on one of the images which takes you to ‘buy’ etc.


    On this site ‘galleries’ would be my base shop and under that my categories.

    Hope this is clear and you can put me on the right direction on this Jamie then I’ll be rolling! I can’t proceed without sorting this first.


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Al,

    Are you still struggling with this one?

    I suspect you will need to target with some CSS for the archive pages but Im not 100% sure this will work. This is probably one for the woocommerce forum over at woothemes :)

    Try this as a starting point http://www.woothemes.com/support-forum/?viewtopic=59048


    Thanks Jamie
    I did post on woothemes a day ago so i’ll see what comes back.
    Woocommerce is great but looks a bit clunky out of the box on the shop pages and was hoping you could strip it back to something as simple as the shopify theme that I linked to. If I can’t do this I could take a simpler approach by having simple paypal integration on the final product page?



    ul.products li .price { display: none; }

    This deleted the price nicely from the shop page and category pages, trying options to remove the “select options” button and the product titles but not managed this.

    Also, can you set the product featured image to not be a cropped square image but the correct proportions of the original image?

    Many thanks



    Yes, as suggested in can be altered in the CSS, just change some attributes to hidden… I also found simple as that when I have the same concern, but learned all that after I get the service of http://digitekprinting.com/ who made the fixing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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