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    Hi there guys, if you goto and hover over “News & Sport” you will see that the menu goes off the screen and you cannot select the options at the bottom without resorting to using the down arrow key on my keyboard.

    Advice appreciated guys. Cheers


    This message has had to be updated because something has went wrong. If you go to the site you will now no longer see “News & Sport” because for some reason my site now only displays Pages on the menu and no longer shows Categories and Links …….. for reason(s) unknown to me!!

    [tearing hair out!!!!]


    In addition may I add ….. I thought I had discovered where to control this, but within Menus and Screen Options at the top and “Show on Screen” …….
    the boxes of Pages, Posts, Custom Links & Categories are ALL ticked! Yet aren’t showing on site.


    Seem to have solved the latest problem, taking us back to the first one! (my Menu being of the screen).

    Incidently how I solved it….. I went into “Manage Locations” within Menus and noticed Navigation Menu had nothing selected even though I am sure I did not deselect anything! Nevertheless I selected my menu which was called “Menu” and it seemed to put everything back in.


    It’s just done the same thing again! All I did was add in a custom link. Went back to my site and all the Categories and Links were gone! Went to Manage Locations and it had de-selected itself! Aaaarrgghhh!! I am quitting for the night!

    Part of my menu off the screen 7
    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Darren,

    Are you still having issues with this one ?



    Hi Jamie, yes I am going round in circles with this one.
    Whenever I add a new custom link it switches off Menu Navigation and I have to reselect it.


    Sorry should have been clearer …. yes I have that problem and still my original problem of Menu going of the screen.
    Maybe it will solve itself when I change theme to something like Canvas, but whichever theme its on you’d think there would be a solution.

    Part of my menu off the screen 7
    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Darren,

    Yes it’s most likely a theme issue :)



    I’m beginning to doubt that its a theme issue because I have tried a few themes now and it is doing it with everyone of them.

    Just to reiterate the problem I have a few Pages, Categories & Custom Links within a menu. Everytime I now create a new link all Categories & Links are wiped from the Menu, but retains all Pages in Alpha order. To get them back on, I go into Manage Locations and reselect the Menu. However as I have said I am going round in circles because I add in a link and its back to square 1. The Menu is deselected in Manage Locations.

    I see no end in sight. :-( Completely confused why this is happening.


    I have posted the same message in the support forums a couple of times and likewise this seems to have flummoxed everyone as there are no potential solutions.

    WordPress in the early days for me is proving to be a series of brick walls that I have to try and break down. Maybe I’m just jinxed!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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