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    I have been running a successful hyperocal blog for two years using blogger and now wish to move to wordpress for the obvious advantages it offers. I bought my domain through google blogger so now have a series of queries:

    1. What order should I proceed in as I need the transfer to proceed pretty smoothly? I’d ideally like to build the new site and add all the new content, export existing content and then do the switch.

    2. How easy is it to keep the existing domain which ranks very highly?

    3. How do I export blogger content from one to the other? I’d probably like all the postings but not necessarily all page content?



    Moving from blogger to wordpress 3
    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Gareth,

    This is one way to do the switch.

    1) Set WordPress up and another domain – you could buy any domain for this purpose

    2) Build your website and all your content on this domain.

    3) Move your content over to your new website from blogger using the import functionality into WordPress. On the import you can choose to import just posts

    4) Then map your domain to the domain you have built your website on. Your web hosting company should be able to guide you through this last step. Also before you start the process I would send them a quick support email to double check they can map the domain. Most good web hosting companies should :)

    Hope that helps,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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